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Communication during in person demos and presentations is verbal and non verbal. Demo Solutions crafts content that makes every single non verbal and tangible communication meaningful. Each visual, statistic, and aural message is carefully considered in content creation. Demo Solutions Content gives you the opportunity to spell out for clients the value and impact of your product on their business. If your materials do not address their needs clearly, they will close the door on your deal. Demo Content helps close deals. 

Demo Storyboards (Scripts)

We don’t write scripts that people read, because that doesn’t work. We create storyboards to match your demo, so your presenters can hit the key points, but do it using their own words – that way, they are authentic in their delivery.

Deck Design

Demo Solutions offers two Demo Deck Design services to help presenters deliver better demos and provide clients with meaningful content after the Demo or presentation concludes. We conduct Demo Deck Remixes, where we work with your slides, or we build Custom Demo Decks, where our graphic design team rebuilds your decks from the ground up.

Product-Led and Demo Videos

Demo Solutions produces Demo Videos using the same principles that we use to deliver more effective Demos. Our services integrate best demo practices into your demo automation software or product led demo videos, or we produce custom high quality demo videos per project.



The last thing you want in your demo is a continuity error – we go through and make sure everything is “Canon.”


Demo Solutions audits content for inclusivity, and offers an additional service to have content professionally audited for DEI by our partners.


Sometimes there can be a lot of cooks (politics) when it comes to building demos – we keep that out so you can have the best demo possible.

Impeccable Standards

Our standards are high – some might say too high (we wouldn’t, but some might). We make sure your content is not only professional, but also can captivate your audiences.


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WellRight had the privilege of Ed Jaffe as a special guest for our annual Sales Kick-Off event. Ed and the entire Demo Solutions team were incredible to work with. They took the time to understand our culture and how we’re selling our solution. Our sales team not only learned tactical strategies but they left feeling inspired to put Ed’s strategies immediately into practice. I highly recommend Ed and Demo Solutions to any organization looking to have an impact on their sales team and their pipeline.

Chad Myers

Vice President, Employer Sales - WellRight
I really enjoyed how Ed gave feedback and advice from his perspective as a former Sales Engineer. It made everything resonate more, and we can apply it immediately.

Sales Engineer

SaaS Enterprise Analytics Company

Ed is one of the best trainers I’ve ever seen.

Director of Solutions Consulting - Fortune 1,000 Technology Firm

Demo Solutions has helped us stand out in a competitive market and better highlight our differentiators. Ed’s audit uncovered areas of improvement and he used these insights to craft personal coaching programs for our sales team. We have since received positive feedback on our revamped demos which has resulted in a more focused sales approach.

Gina Thomas

Chief Development Officer - Lumere

Had such a fun time with Ed. He was super engaging, the structure of the sessions was very helpful, the feedback was all on point and relevant. Definitely have come out of [working with him] knowing we’re more equipped to sell.


Senior Sales Engineer - SaaS Martech Platform

I had the pleasure of working with Demo Solutions on our first sales demo. Ed is an incredibly quick study, and was able to dive deeply into the particulars and nuances of our business. Ed went to great lengths to research both the industry and business model and distilled our presentation into a clever heuristic with precise, evidence-based value propositions. What’s more is, Ed was able to weave a storyline throughout the presentation, layer in strong emotional content, and create real opportunities to engage with our customers on a very human level. Ed is a great mix of academic thinker and seasoned sales expert, able to create materials that speak to a broad range of business and psychographic needs.

Yaniv Kanfi

CEO - Achroma

Ed did a terrific job – he knows how to make people feel real good when they did well, and even when there are areas for improvement it’s done in a positive & constructive way.


VP, Sales - SaaS Enterprise Pricing Platform
Ed was tremendously helpful in providing a new perspective on our demos. He was thorough, organized, provided specific examples in referencing areas of improvement, and overall gave us actionable insights. We look forward to working with our broader sales team to share his recommendations and implement changes to make our demos more successful.

Morgan Repovz

Manager, Solutions Consulting - Yello

Ed shared a bunch of great ideas on how I can improve my demo and pitch. Instead of just pointing out the weak parts of my current process, he walked me through real examples that I can use in the future. I had a feeling that storytelling is not only something Ed is passionate about, it’s what he lives for. For everyone like me who wants to tell their story better, I’d recommend connecting with Ed to get a fresh perspective.

Alena Bohomol

Founder - Humaily

Working with Ed was an invaluable process for my team. It’s so easy to get stuck in a day to day rut with the same pitch deck and stale demo, but having fresh eyes and input to fine tune is extremely important. Ed has no issues telling it like it is and really digging in to drive meaningful improvements and value. We saw improved results immediately after implementing his feedback into our demos and process.

Helee Lev

Chief Revenue Officer - Goby

Ed was awesome at helping me craft my demo. While he worked with me to improve the messaging and structure of my demo, he did also help me focus on what was already working well. I’ve come out with a lot more confidence in what I’m showing to prospects and also with the tools for developing demo competency across my team.

Jamie Lynch

Product Manager - Finn AI


Demo Content pricing depends on the scope of the project or commitment, but isn’t quite as straightforward as some of our other pricing. Please see our pricing page for some sample projects to give you a sense of what a content project could look like.

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