Inclusive Demos

Avoid unintentionally excluding your audience

Are you including everyone in the room (or Zoom)?

Many of us use language, images, and gestures without knowing they may be offensive. There is a good chance you or your sales team use them in front of clients. But what if clients are insulted by the images or gestures? What if they do not understand the expressions? Or, even worse, what if the clients do and are offended?

Most teams do not have the tools to effectively connect with diverse audiences, and we want to help you change that. When crafting presentations and demos for your audience, consider the following:

  • Are the perspectives of everyone involved in the deal represented both those in the room and in the broader organization?
  • Is your pitch impacted by bias, unconscious or otherwise, that may make others feel uncomfortable or paints a picture everyone sees except the presenter?
  • Does your content reinforce stereotypes, or could it potentially exclude members of your audience, such as women, people of color, those in the LGBTQIA+ community, or others?

We partnered with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consultant Dr. Gilo Kwesi Logan of Dr. Logan Speaks to help our clients develop Culturally Competent Sales Demos.

Demo Solutions now offers these demo services concurrently with our packages. Our Demo Audits now include DEI evaluation at no additional cost. We also can deliver workshops specifically geared toward helping organizations develop Cultural Competence.

Culturally Competent Sales Demos will help your sales team connect with audiences of diverse backgrounds in an increasingly globalized workplace, where they can communicate value to everyone in the room in an appropriate, respectful and equitable way.

Inclusive Pitch Decks 

Pitch Decks can present big problems when they are not audited for DEI they may lack diversity, be insensitive to it, or unintentionally reinforce stereotypes. We will audit your decks from top to bottom, including imagery and language, and ensure that your slide decks are more inclusive.

Inclusive Demo Scripts (Storyboards)

Language is a powerful and nuanced tool, and we often don’t consider how our choice of words can make a difference to our audience. We can write or revise your demo script or setlist so you are not making language errors in demo delivery.

Inclusive Coaching

If you are focused on hiring a more diverse sales team, or your sales team is having problems communicating with or connecting to diverse audiences, coaching for developing cultural competencies is an add-on to our monthly service.

Cultural Competency Workshops and Coaching

We are proud to offer the following workshops, which are led by Dr. Gilo Logan.

  • Global Leadership Development for C-Suite Executives
  • Developing Cultural Competence and Inclusive Leadership
  • Practicing Effective Cross-Cultural Communication in the Workforce
  • Eradicating Implicit Bias, Micro-Inequities and Stereotype Threat in Organizations
  • Establishing Steps and Strategies to Create an Organizational Culture of Racial Equity
  • Recruitment, Retention, and Development of Diverse Talent
  • Successfully Collaborate with Colleagues and Clients while on Overseas Assignments

We design each engagement to facilitate a safe space for open conversation, with a focus on education, critical reflection, and helping people safely step outside their comfort zones. 

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