We offer a variety of services to make your demos more impactful

Here’s how we can help you connect with your audiences

Demo and Presentation Coaching

When coaching, our goal isn’t to get you to demo like us. Because that doesn’t work. Instead, we identify your unique style (or, as we call it, “Demo Identity”), and help you be the best version of yourself when in front of an audience. Because when you’re the best version of yourself, you can make authentic connections with your customers and prospects.

Ongoing team coaching

When training is over, how do you keep the learning going? Whatever sales methodology you learned, we can help you keep the learning going with team practice and feedback sessions.

Individual coaching

We tailor our coaching to best fit your team, and work with individual contributors, leaders and executives. And while we primarily work with organizations, we will work with presenters 1:1.

Sales onboarding coaching

You need your new hires to be productive as quickly as possible – we can help make that happen.

Demo Content

Anyone can click a screen and show software – but saying the right things to an audience, and avoiding saying the wrong thing, is especially hard. Especially when you have to have different talking points for different audiences. And different presenters running the same demo. It’s a challenge to create demo content that works for your audiences – let us help.

Demo storyboards (aka scripts)

Here’s the thing about scripts…they don’t actually work. But our “Demo Storyboard” approach ensures presenters hit the important talking points, while giving them the flexibility to be themselves.

Demo and pitch deck design

Our decks (using your templates) don’t have a lot of words, but do have a lot of impact – so your audience listens to you instead of reading the slides.

Product-led demos and video design

We are so excited about the arrival of product-led demos, but there’s a catch – without the right talking points, click-path and overall demo strategy, product-led demos will fail. We will ensure that your shiny new product-led demo will have an impact, and we’re proud to partner with some of the best companies in the (relatively new) space.

Book Us for Training or Speaking

Training and Workshops

Demo Solutions Sales Training Techniques serve individual contributor, sales teams and leaders in your SaaS organization. We develop custom content and tailor our existing content in nearly every training scenario. No sales team, contributor delivery, or organizational challenge is alike and we offer different ways to solve your SaaS demo dilemmas.

Demo and Presentation Workshops

Our training is grounded in evidence-based psychology and behavioral economics, because the more you understand human behavior, the easier it is to understand (and respond to) what your audiences are thinking.

Course catalog

Our workshops are customized to be dynamic, so participants can develop and practice new skills with what feels like another team leader.

Keynote Speaking

Looking for an expert demo to present demo basics in house or to an online audience? We can help. Demo Solutions regularly presents to groups, and conferences. Our presentations are not only fun and engaging, but they also use advanced demo techniques such as screen overlays instead of slides, so your team can experience a “demo of the future.”

Sales Kickoff (SKO)

Your SKO is your opportunity to get your team exited about the upcoming year. Kick things off right with a keynote presentation that’s sure to leave a long-lasting impression on your team.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)

Maybe not as big as an SKO, but QBRs are still a great opportunity to get your team motivated to go out and sell for the next quarter (especially if the last quarter was a little…slow). We can help.

Other SaaS sales events

Conferences? Check. Trade shows? Check. “It’s Friday and we want to do something different?” Check. Bar Mitzvah? We’ll do it, but you may want to book a band or something. Whatever your event, we are sure to have a keynote presentation that will be a hit.