Our Partners

Mulder and Scully. Lucy & Ethel. Key & Peele.

Having the right partner can make all the difference.


HubSpot’s industry leading CRM and sales tools help you better track stages through your funnel and communicate with customers.


Demoflow is your “Swiss Army Knife” for demos. It’s an enablement platform, a delivery platform, a note taking platform and more.


With a single search, you can find files stored everywhere – from Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Trello, Slack, Outlook and OneDrive.

Demo Solutions’ Training Partner

2Win! Global (AKA the people behind Demo2Win!)

There’s a reason that top technology companies like IBM, Adobe, Salesforce and Workday turn to 2Win! for demo training – there’s simply no better training out there.

Our founder is a certified Demo2Win! Master Coach, and we are proud to offer Demo2Win! training to our customers.

Demo Solutions’ Community Partners

Chicago Pre-Sales Community

The Chicago Pre-Sales Community aims to help Pre-Sales professionals advance in their careers, meet practitioners across industries and serve as a voice for the profession in the broader community.

Sales Assembly

Sales Assembly is a member-driven resource and peer community for every single person within the sales organization. From training to tools to talent – Sales Assembly aggregates everything B2B tech sales leaders need, all in one place.

The Mom Project

The Mom Project is committed to helping women remain active in the workforce in every stage of their journey, and we’re proud to join them in their commitment to design and support a better workplace.

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Mentalist Hacks for SaaS Presentations and Demos

Mentalist Hacks for SaaS Presentations and Demos are going to show you how to more effectively read your audience by tightening the information you are delivering. Contrary to this title, the tricks of the mentalists are far from allusions, they are based on demographics and discovery. Let us show you how to use some of… Read More »Mentalist Hacks for SaaS Presentations and Demos