The Manager Demo Solution

We train managers and enable better sales processes. The Manager Solution includes the signature Demo Audit, Demo Coaching, Demo Script Writing, Demo Deck Remix, Access to our Client Portal, and the choice of two add ons, Demo Deck Design, Process Consulting, Outsourced Demoing, and Outsourced Leadership.

Who does The Manager Solution Work For? 

The Manager Solution is designed for managers to become more effective coaches to their sales teams. We work directly with sales managers to improve communication within teams, set measurable goals for presenters, and, most importantly, ensure their teams have the right tools to become better presenters and demoers. Looking to outsource the management of your demo team completely? Demo Solutions offers outsourced functional management as part of this package as well – we manage performance so you only have to worry about HR. Some contributors learn best when they are led by example, so we manage for you with a dedicated resource who is an expert presenter and manager.

How Does The Manager Solution Work?

Onboarding The Manager Solution begins with a Demo Audit that can take from 3-4 weeks and includes a bias-free analysis of your live demo sessions, as well as your resources (assets, collateral and team members). After we objectively assesses your execution, processing, talent, and messaging, based on findings we deliver a strategy and tactical plan for individual team members and managers spanning a 6 month (or longer) cycle. We present these findings within 1 week of completion of the audit and coordinate the strategy and application of the plan with your leadership.

Following the audit presentation, we coordinate a half day kick-off session of our Demo Rules to engage contributors and managers and present the foundations of effective demoing and demo management. At the completion of each phase of coaching, we celebrate each milestone and transition into the next phase with a team workshop/coaching session. Monthly deliverables include workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions, group exercises, suggested advanced education or certifications and performance reports as requested. Our proposals are 6-month commitments from discovery, to foundations, to acceleration, and are 100% customized. Sample tactics, deliverables, and workshop titles are below. Contact us to learn more now!

The Manager Solution Tactical Plan May Include

  • Observing Demos and Presentation
  • Creating new demos
  • Enabling Sales and Presales (or any other presenters) on New Demos
  • Creating Enablement Videos for internal and channel use
  • Assist with presenter talent, including interviewing and coaching
  • Demoing and presenting on your behalf as a member of your team

Sample Deliverables

Starting at 30 Hours per month

  • Half Day Team Kick Off Session
  • Monthly Team Webinars 
  • 12 hours Demo Coaching for 3 people 1:1 sessions 
  • 1 hour Manager training and feedback session 
  • Email Availability for Ad Hoc Projects 
  • New Demo Script or Demo Remix per month 
  • 1 Demo or Sales Training Team Workshops per month

Sample Monthly Workshops

  • Features to Benefits: Your Features deliver Benefits
  • Presentation Psychology: Learn how Presentation Bias Affects your Deals
  • Presentation Masterclass: Show and Tell
  • #Failwatch: Demo Fails
  • Demoing to Toddlers: Clear, Simple, Delivery of Benefits
  • Be a Better Coach: Leading by Example
  • Sales and Pre-Sales Play Nice in the Sandbox
  • Demoing Authentically: Learn your Demo Identity
  • Demo Setlist: Ditch the Demo Script and Demo like a Rockstar

Complementary SaaS Software

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