The Leader Demo Solution

We lead, develop, and potentially source your Presales and Demo teams. The Leader Demo Solution includes the signature Demo Audit, Demo Coaching, Demo Script Writing, Demo Deck Remix, Access to the Client Portal, and a dedicated resource at Demo Solutions. Additionally, you are afforded a choice of 4 supplemental add ons including Demo Deck Design, Sales Process Consulting, Outsourced Demoing, Outsourced Leadership, Custom Demo Video, and HR Consulting. 

Who does The Leader Solution Work For? 

The Leader Solution is designed for those looking to build out a full presale and demo team, from the ground up. Each Leader Solution varies according to Demo Solutions’ findings from the Demo Audit, a Sales Processing Audit, and organizational discovery. But this is an all in one solution, and its’ application can be to a newly funded company to mid-size firms seeking a major restructure. We offer a variation of the Leader Solution for those moving to a fully remote team.

How Does The Leader Solution Work?

Leading demo and/or presales organizations is hard. Unless you have the tools and experience to effectively manage and coach presenters, it can be quite difficult to build and scale presales organizations. The Demo Solutions team has successfully stood up and grown presales teams, and we are ready to put that experience to work for you.

Our Leader Solution is deployed in a series of connection steps. First, we connect with your executive leadership team to get an overview of what your needs are, then we connect with your existing sales or demo teams to connect with the players we will be coaching, and lastly, we coach the whole team to connect better with an audience.

We assess your team and leadership to see what steps need to be taken to align organizational objectives with individual performance. We use a combination of Demo2Win! methods and our own content developed to deliver more authentic demos with a focus on audience connection and presentation psychology. 

All Demo Solutions clients are onboarded with a Demo Audit that includes a comprehensive and objective report of live demoing, evaluation of assets, aptitude of team members’, and messaging. This takes around 3-4 weeks to compile the information and sit in on live demos and one week to deliver findings. Upon delivery of the Demo Audit, we layout strategic and tactical plans and milestones for building more effective presales and demo team.

We coordinate a half-day kick-off session including whiteboard sessions, Demo Rules, and a few exercises for us to assess team dynamics. Our content for the Leader Solution is tailor-made and each month we introduce new and custom workshops for your team to reinforce communication principles, demo strategies and introduce new materials leading, selling, and demoing. The Leader Solution delivers much more than just better demos and closed deals, it teaches communication, active listening, and can be a component of your corporate culture.

The Leader Solution Tactical Plan May Include

  • Observing Demos and Presentation
  • Creating new demos
  • Enabling Sales and Presales on New Demos
  • Creating Enablement Videos for internal and channel use
  • Assist with Presale Talent, including interviewing and coaching
  • Demoing and presenting on behalf of clients
  • Drafting new messaging for inclusivity
  • Facilitating Lecturing and Guest Programming
  • Hiring new talent
  • Training new talent

Sample Deliverables 

Starting at 50 hours per month 

  • Half Day Team Kick Off Session with White Board Session
  • Monthly Custom Team Webinars 
  • 2 Group Demo Practices Per Month 
  • 1 Fully Outsourced Demo or Ad hoc project 
  • Bi-Monthly Manager Training Sessions 
  • 15 hours Demo Coaching for 5 People, 1:1 
  • New Custom Designed Demo Deck or Script Per Month 
  • Dedicated Resource 

Sample Workshops

  • Features to Benefits: Your Features deliver Benefits
  • Presentation Psychology: Learn how Presentation Bias Affects your Deals
  • Presentation Masterclass: Show and Tell
  • #Failwatch: Demo Fails
  • Demoing to Toddlers: Clear, Simple, Delivery of Benefits
  • Be a Better Coach: Leading by Example
  • Sales and Pre-Sales Play Nice in the Sandbox
  • Demoing Authentically: Learn your Demo Identity
  • Demo Setlist: Ditch the Demo Script and Demo like a Rockstar

Complementary SaaS Software

The Leader Demo Solution is designed to be compatible with any tech stack. We offer this software package from our partners as part of your value. Demos really can win deals, if delivered at the right time, to the right audience, with the right tools!