The Contributor Demo Solution

We train your Demo and Presales Team. The Contributor Demo Solution includes our signature Demo Audit, Demo Coaching, Demo Script Rewrite, and Demo Deck Remix and your choice of either sales process consulting or complete deck redesign.

Who Does The Contributor Demo Solution Work For? 

A Contributor Solution focuses on individual contributors and supports team managers looking for regular, sustained demo and presentation training.  If you are looking to deliver more effective demos, refine your sales process, and hit more professional milestones, this is a great place to start.

How Does The Contributor Solution Work? 

Demo Solutions training works in three ways. First we perform a comprehensive Demo Audit of live demos, asset evaluation, talent, and messaging, which takes about 3-4 weeks. Then, we conduct a half-day Intro to the Demo Rules workshop and whiteboard session to assess team dynamics. Finally, we deliver a cadence of proprietary workshops for sales contributors to help you close your biggest (or smallest – whatever works for you!) deals.

Depending on our Demo Audit findings and defined milestones, we draft new scripts and rework your decks to equip your team for success. Our monthly coaching sessions and quarterly workshops ensure that your team is delivering better demos, at the appropriate time in the sales funnel, and our team workshops ensure that individual progress is not outpaced by team progress.

Sample Contributor Solution Tactical Plan

  • Observing Demos and Presentation
  • Creating new demos
  • Enabling presenters on new demos
  • Demoing and presenting on behalf of clients
  • Running team milestone workshops

Sample Deliverables

Starting at 20 hours per month

  • Half Day Kick Off Team Building, Intro to Demoing, White Board Session limit to a team of 10 
  • 4 hours Demo Coaching for 2 Team Members 
  • New Demo Script OR Deck Remix per month 
  • 1 Demo Workshop per month

Sample Workshops

  • Features to Benefits: Your Features deliver Benefits
  • Presentation Psychology: Learn how Presentation Bias Affects your Deal
  • Presentation Masterclass: Show and Tell
  • #Failwatch: Demo Fails
  • Demoing to Toddlers: Clear, Simple, Delivery of Benefits
  • Sales and Pre-Sales Play Nice in the Sandbox
  • Demoing Authentically: Learn your Demo Identity
  • Demo Setlist: Ditch the Demo Script and Demo like a Rockstar

Complimentary SaaS Software  

Our Contributor Demo Solution works with any tech stack, but we offer these complimentary tools to our clients. Demos really can win deals, if delivered at the right time, to the right audience, with the right tools!