Pricing and Packages

No “fill out a form for pricing.” No waiting for a proposal.
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Demo Solutions believes in being transparent in everything we do, including how we price. Therefore, we have created 3 simple packages: The Individual Contributor, The Manager and The Leader.

The Individual Contributor Package is, as the name would suggest, designed to make your individual contributors better. The Manager Package is designed to teach your managers to coach presenters like we do. And if you purchase the Leader Package, we will run your presales function for you, so you can focus on closing deals.

Each package comes standard with a Demo Audit, Demo Coaching, Demo Script Writing and a Demo Deck Remix, in addition to access to our client portal and a guaranteed dedicated resource. Additionally, each package comes with add-ons, which vary by package. Please see below for additional details:

Monthly Price$7,850$12,770$18,425
Base Features
Demo Audit
Demo Coaching
Demo Script Writing
Demo Deck Remix
Access to Client Portal
Guaranteed Dedicated Resource
Add-ons Included124
Design New Demo Deck
Process Consulting
Outsourced Demoing
Outsourced Leadership
Custom Demo Video
HR Consulting/Recruiting Management
SaaS Licenses Included4510
Demoflow Starter
Demoflow Pro
Digitile Power Organizer
HubSpot CRM
HubSpot Sales Starter
HubSpot Sales Enterprise
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Lawyer stuff: All prices are subject to change. Prices are valid for a minimum term of 6 months with payment terms no longer than net 15. Use of third party software is subject to the Terms and Conditions set by each vendor. Demo Solutions makes no warranty of any kind for our partners, either expressed or implied, by fact or law. Partner software may be upgraded as part of a Demo Solutions package, at an additional cost. There is no obligation to use partner software, however, partner software may not be substituted, removed or otherwise adjusted for a cost reduction.