Discussion: How to drag out opportunities and lose deals

Update: We had a great conversation on 9/1 – check out our recap video to learn more about dragging out opportunities and losing deals.

Are you hurting your own deals?

Sometimes the difference between a deal closing this quarter and slipping to the next comes down to the demo. While plenty of experts have said “don’t feature dump,” that’s easier said than done. And, even then, there are so many things that presenters do to hurt their own deals without even knowing that they did it.

In this roundtable discussion, you’ll see the subtle things that separate a demo that closes deals from one that leaves deals hanging in the pipeline. Then, we’ll open it up to the room to discuss your demos and presentations. Seriously – we’ve heard ourselves talk enough – this is an opportunity for you to engage with three presentation experts on what you can do to close deals faster.

About your moderators:

Josh Topel | Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer | Digitile

Josh Topel, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer is an experienced SaaS veteran with a deep understanding of the marketplace. Before co-founding Digitile, he served as a solutions engineer at IBM and worked closely with clients, product management, and development. Josh’s role was pivotal in the sales process driving over $10 million in sales during his tenure. While at IBM, Topel was awarded Client Value Outstanding Technical Achievement and Managers Choice awards among a broad field of colleagues.

Larson Stair |Co-Founder/CEO | Demoflow

Larson is an experienced sales professional with over a decade of experience spent across many different industries. As CEO of Demoflow, he is helping SaaS sales and presales teams with collaborating on customer presentations with their colleagues to more effectively connect with their audience. When he’s not working, you can find Larson jumping out of airplanes, skiing the Rocky Mountains, or enjoying time with his friends and family in Colorado.

Ed Jaffe | Founder | Demo Solutions

An experienced presales and strategy leader, Ed Jaffe has contributed to millions of dollars in new revenue by writing and delivering unique demos. Over the course of his career, he has been recognized with several awards, including being named the top presales professional in his business unit at a global software company. Prior to founding Demo Solutions, Ed built the presales and sales operations teams at an AI startup in Chicago, served as the strategy lead for an enterprise marketing technology platform, and spent years in marketing technology presales and consulting.