The Planner

Meticulous with a keep eye for detail, The Planner Demo Identity walk into the room ready for anything. But, when things go wrong, they may not be as quick to adapt.

The Planner Demo Identity delivers effective Demos because:

  • They are excellent at understanding the client’s position and delivering a well thought-out solution
  • Their content is top-notch, and is free from pesky errors like typos or low-resolution images
  • They always have a plan when walking into the room, and have planned for every scenario where things could go wrong

The Planners Demo Fails are:

  • They can get thrown off their game when something unexpected happens as they don’t have a plan
  • They are harder on themselves than other Demo Identities when things go wrong
  • They are typically less argumentative than other styles, and may struggle maintaining boundaries in a demo
The Planner Demo Identity from Demo Solutions

How does The Planner deliver a demo?

The Planner thinks through every possible scenario in the demo. They walk in with a meticulously prepared deck and clear agenda, and they have thought through as many client questions as possible.

The “let’s meet at Starbucks 30 minutes before the meeting” prep doesn’t work for the planner. They like to gather as much information as they can, ensuring they tie their presentations to the client’s needs.

Planners are typically confident presenters they know what they want to say, how they are going to say it, and how long it will take.

What happens when the plan goes astray? Planners panic.

What are The Planner’s presentation blind spots?

Planners typically make their teams better, as they bring a level of organization and preparedness that otherwise would not have been there.

Planners can struggle to think on their feet – they get flustered more quickly than other demo identities when a situation arises that they don’t know how to handle.

Planners typically don’t recover from something going wrong as quickly as other identities – if something goes wrong early, near the end they may still be upset about it.

Planners typically need more prep time than other identities. Their work is better for it, but they typically get annoyed if they don’t have enough prep time, and may even have trouble getting all of the prep complete in time. And, given too much time, they may over-prepare and arrive with too much content.

Planners get frustrated if there isn’t a plan, which can cause internal friction if the other team members aren’t Planners. In particular, Planners can butt heads with Comedians as the styles are essentially opposites. But if they can figure out how to partner, great things happen.

The Joker Planner Demo Identity

How can Planners deliver better demos and presentations?

Practice, practice, practice – but in front of an audience. Run mock demos with coworkers and have them ask tough questions, so you can get more comfortable being thrown off your game.

Consider a teamwork approach – have a signal between you and your team that they know when to jump in if you need help.

Determine when something is “good enough” vs “perfect,” so you can decide if it’s worth spending time on a meeting prep task.

Lastly, practice responding to various “curveballs,” so when they happen in real life, you’re ready.