The Motivational Speaker Demo Identity

Presenters with the Motivational Speaker Demo Identity captivate an audience like no one else, but their bold style isn’t welcomed by every audience…and they sometimes live in a van down by the river.

Biggest strengths for the Motivational Speaker Demo Identity:

  • They are high energy and dynamic presenters
  • More than any other personality, they put on a show
  • They can “get away” with more because they’re so much fun to watch

Biggest risks for the Motivational Speakers Demo Identity:

  • Reserved audiences are their kryptonite – they don’t always know what to do with an audience that’s not comfortable with this style
  • Some audiences find this personality to be “a bit much”
  • Their enthusiasm can lead them to answer “yes” before they understand the question
The Motivational Speaker makes his presence known. Is this your Demo Identity?

What does a typical demo from a motivational speaker look like?

  • The Motivational Speakers are high energy, dynamic presenters. The ultimate performers, they can create engaging presentations from seemingly out of nowhere.
  • Because they’re so engaging, Motivational Speakers can often get away with having less knowledge than the other identity types – audiences will be more forgiving of mistakes in the presentations.
  • Feeding on the energy of the room, Motivational Speakers build excitement among their audiences. They start their presentation with a big smile on their face, and audiences can’t help but leave the meeting with a smile as well.
  • Being a Motivational Speaker doesn’t mean the presenter is a “traditional extrovert” – some presenters are more reserved offstage, but bring the energy when the spotlight is on. 

Motivational Speaker Demo Identity from Demo Solutions

What are the Motivational Speaker’s blind spots?

  • Motivational Speakers can struggle to connect with more reserved audiences – if they aren’t getting a response from the audience, they may have trouble keeping their own energy up.
  • Some audiences find this personality type to be a “bit much,” and may stop responding to it later on during presentations.
  • Motivational Speakers’ enthusiasm can also backfire when they are asked questions – they may not take the time to understand what the client is asking before giving an enthusiastic “yes.” This can cause problems down the road, because an important boundary was not established with an automatic “yes.”
  • Motivational Speakers know their presentations cold, so they tend to have trouble adapting to different audiences, or to changing their presentations quickly as needed.
  • Motivational Speakers are excited to be in front of the room, but that excitement can lead to presenting faster than some audiences would like.

What are the Motivational Speaker’s most common demo fails?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it; Slow your roll; Let me Google that for you

Oprah You Get A Car

How can Motivational Speakers deliver better demos and presentations?

  • Take a moment to read the room. Are they responding to your style? If not, perhaps tone things down just a bit to make the audience a bit more comfortable.
  • When asked a question, pause before answering. Make sure the audience member is done asking their question, and don’t jump to say “yes” immediately.
  • Partner with colleagues who have a more reserved style – the opposite approaches can help you deliver a more balanced overall presentation.