The Comedian

Known for their crowd work skills, Comedians think on their feet – but their tendency to speak off the cuff can get them into trouble.

The Professor

They know their space and their solutions. Professors are often the smartest person in the room, but all of that knowledge can be a curse.

Tony Robbins

The Motivational Speaker

Their energy is infectious. They can captivate an audience like no one else. But some audiences don’t respond well to their bold style.

Amy Santiago

The Planner

Meticulous with a keen eye for detail, Planners walk into the room ready to rock, but, when things go wrong, they may not be as quick to adapt as personalities.

The Guide

People buy from people they like, and everyone likes The Guide. Guides truly care about their clients, but they will sometimes go too far out of their way to make a client happy.

Chameleon Demo Identity

The Chameleon

Chameleons excel at reading the room and adapting. But because they are whatever the room needs them to be, they can have trouble expressing their “natural” personality.

A Word on Demo Identities from our Founder