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Work the Zoom (#dadjokes)

Remote demoing isn’t going anywhere – but we’ve been winning deals over Zoom long before COVID hit. Here are some of our best tips.


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Demo Fails – The Door Closers

It’s amazing how quickly a presenter can ruin their deal – just by saying or doing something seemingly minor. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Demo Rules – The Deal Closers

Some rules are meant to be broken, but these rules aren’t. Following these 5 rules will help you deliver better demos and presentations.


Presentation Psychology and Cognitive Biases

Understanding how people think will bring you one step closer to effectively communicating with them.

Demo Identities

Everybody has their own style for demoing, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Learn more about the 6 demo identities, or take our quiz to learn which Demo Identity you are

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The Demo Go Bag

All of the tools you need to bring to your next in-person demo. Whenever we can have in-person demos again.