Demo Solutions EBooks and White Papers

Demo Solutions EBooks and White Papers are collections of content that we offer completely free to our subscribers. These are packed with best practices, theories, exercises, and practical applications of Demo Solutions advice and teachings. We are not going to submit these for a Pulitzer, but they have a lot of useful information. When used alone, they can seriously up your demo and leadership game, when used in combination or prior to coaching, they can guide the principles you would like us to use in configuring your curiculum. Whether you are a Demo Solutions coaching client, subscriber, or have heard one of Ed Jaffe’s online webinars, we hope you find these insightful and get at least 1 tip that helps you deliver better demos and presentations, and build better relationships with teams.

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Confessions and Lessons of a Demo Master Presenter

This is our 2021 Ebook Guide to Communication and Delivering the BEST Demos. It contains what we have learned in 2020, and it was A LOT about resilience, empathy, and delivering more compassionate demos. Click above to subscribe and get your copy. NO, we will not put you on a list or shre your information after.

Ultimate Best Practices 2021 White Paper

Are you looking for an all around quick kit for looking like a pro when you demo? Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome right before you demo? This is for you! We have all of Ed Jaffe’s minute tricks and tips to delivering more effective demos in 2021. This includes inclusivity tips and trends as well.