The Demo Audit

Our Signature Demo Audit is an unbiased, objective view of your performance and the audience’s reactions during your demos and presentations

Our signature Demo Audit is our formal and objective review of your demo. We view live demos, evaluate demo assets and pitch decks, and see how your presentations are performing. Our comprehensive audit relays exactly what happened. How did the audience react? What was successful? Where did you lose them? How could you have brought them back?  If you want truly objective feedback and advice, a third party is the best way to get it. Let us show you how.

Demo Audit Criteria

We review 4 distinct but connected elements of your demos and presentations: Talent, Process, Messaging and Execution.       

Areas of Inspection

A killer demo is so much more than the sales meeting

Execution: Do all of the pieces come together to form a clear, cohesive and concise demo and/or presentation?

Messaging: Are the value propositions clear? Are they relevant for the audience viewing the presentation?

Process: Are demos being delivered at the right time in the sales cycle?

Talent: Does the team have the skills necessary to deliver a killer demo?

Frequently asked questions about the Demo Audit

So what are you going to…you know…do during the audit?
  • We observe 3-5 live demos – ideally to a client, but they can also be demos to your Demo Solutions consultant
  • We meet with your key stakeholders (sales leadership, sales ops, marketing, product, etc) to understand what should be communicated during your demos
  • We evaluate your sales collateral, such as your PowerPoint decks
  • If available, we review your pipeline data

This sounds like a sales exercise. Is this a sales exercise?

Definitely not, you will know when we are demoing our demo coaching to you. When the audit is over, you get  actionable recommendations across the four focus areas at no cost for immediate implementation. There is no obligation to continue to work with us following your audit.

How many Demo Audits will I need? Do I get a new one for each new demo?

We typically conduct one Demo Audit, however, the answer depends on your needs and what your plans are moving forward. We offer inclusive packages for your convenience but realistically, these are going to look different for each client and we expect that. Our coaching process focuses on small wins and continuous improvement, however, after a period of time we may decide to conduct another Demo Audit to determine progress and focus areas.

We have multiple teams and multiple products. Will we require multiple audits?

Most likely yes, however, this depends on your organization. We often will conduct audits across multiple teams and products at the same time, then look at results at a team/product level and an organizational level.

What do I get when it’s over?
  • Demo Audit Documentation, including observations and recommendations across each of the 4 focus areas
  • Demo Audit Delivery meeting with the project sponsor
  • Executive overview to the leadership team

What does a Demo Audit cost?

A Demo Audit costs $5,000 by itself. Should you purchase one of our packages, a Demo Audit is included. And, if you try us with a demo audit, and then purchase a package within 30 days, the cost of the Demo Audit counts towards your package.

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