Sales Process Consulting

Putting data in a CRM is a start. But it’s not nearly enough.

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

W. Edwards Deming

When people talk about sales process or sales operations, they’re usually thinking about their CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc). But let’s be honest, salespeople hate CRMs. Inputting information takes time and can feel like a slog, especially when they aren’t sure the information is useful to everyone in the field. A strong sales process is the backbone of a high functioning sales organization, leaving a lot of questions that need to be answered when it comes to demos and a process.

For many organizations, the middle of the funnel is where deals go to die (often slow, painful deaths). Clients drag out decisions, because change is hard. They need to see that change is better than the status quo.  The best way to keep deals moving is to deliver compelling presentations that show value; and, if there isnâ€t value for the client, then thatâ€s OK – just get them out of the pipeline. 

How do you know your sales processes need a second opinion?

  • The “first line” demos (delivered by an SDR/BDR/LDR/etc) either aren’t converting well enough, or are converting TOO well (too much junk in the pipeline)
  • Deals are stuck around stage 3 – the deal death zone – and aren’t converting. Even when salespeople offer things like a free Proof-of-Concept (POC) or trial (sometimes especially when salespeople offer things like a free POC or trial)

What goes wrong with sales processes?

  1. Sales stages focus on internal processes and not customer behavior, so forecasts are based on activities vs customer buying cycles
  2. Salespeople don’t know what to do when deals get stuck, so they keep offering things to “keep the deal alive.” This is often because they didn’t identify and communicate value to the customer sooner, so they need to make up for it later on.
  3. POCs don’t have success criteria built in (beyond “it works with our data”), so play with the software, but no one knows how to identify if the POC was successful
  4. Salespeople don’t like to close out deals, and often are incented not to, even when the deal should be closed

How Demo Solutions can make your sales processes better

Demo Solutions looks at your sales process from start to finish as a unique cycle, not just in stages, and pays close attention to the exit criteria. We provide clients with documentation of what is going right, and what is going wrong in their sales process, using our signature Audit format.

Let’s audit your sales processes…

We look at sales process from start to finish – not just what happens at each stage, but also the exit criteria for each stage. Then we look for a few specific things

  1. Who is demoing, and when – for example, are the subject matter experts being brought in too early
  2. When are demos happening – does the team understand the customer’s needs before conducting a demo? For a POC, has value been identified (how can something be proved when no one knows what it is)
  3. What is being shown to customers, and who is the typical audience – are they seeing the right features and are benefits clearly identified for all of the roles in the room

…and make your processes better

Sales is expensive – salespeople and sales tools are often one of the highest costs for companies. And it’s not just the obvious costs like travel, but less obvious costs like salaries and technology. If a demo environment is spun up for a client who doesn’t need it or isn’t ready, the company has to pay the cloud/hosting costs. Additionally, if senior people are delivering demos early in the cycle where a junior person can deliver something “good enough,” those expensive resources can focus on higher value tasks like winning deals. So sales ops consulting projects often have a clear ROI.

Bonus: our packages offer tools to make things easier operationally, including professional grade CRM and sales tools from HubSpot.

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