Demo Deck Design because your audience does not see your PowerPoint the way YOU see your PowerPoint.

Sometimes your Demo Pitch Deck is not advancing your deals and the Demo Pitch Deck Design is to blame. We’ve all sat through meetings with bad demo pitch decks. Too many words on the slides. Fonts that are too small. Pictures that are supposed to be funny but aren’t and most vendors come into a pitch meeting with the same deck. The audience usually isn’t amused by this. How about a peek into what they’re thinking?

You need more than a pretty deck.

You need a deck that communicates value. We offer two Demo Design services to help – our Demo Deck Remix, where we work with your slides, or Custom Demo Decks, where our graphic design team rebuilds your decks from the ground up.

What is failing your Demo Pitch Decks?

You may have many decks with lots of valuable information, but fall flat in a demo. That’s because audiences can’t process too much information, so when presenters have lots of bullet points on a slide, audiences get overwhelmed. Or, the audience doesn’t know what do to – are they supposed to listen to you, or read the slides? They can’t do both.

Additionally, people who have been at the company for a while often combine old “trusted” slides with new slides, making the decks look like a Frankenstein’s monster of content. Or, when creating the deck, the team says “eh, just stick that in the appendix” over and over, leading to a deck that’s WAY too long.

Why do things go so wrong with pitch decks?

Sometimes decks are created by someone who isn’t customer-facing, so it’s not appropriate for a meeting with a customer. These creators could be unfamiliar with the audience’s behaviors or needs, or not have experience presenting, so they unintentionally put presenters in a position to fail as they can pitch irrelevant benefits or value. 

Organizations often don’t create multiple decks for meetings – the presentation deck is also the leave behind deck. This ends up providing too much content in the meeting, but not enough after the meeting – so it fails twice.

What makes an impactful Demo Pitch Deck?

Simple – it connects with the audience. So to create decks that do just that, we combine demographic and industry research, psychological principles, pop culture references, and our Demo Audit intel to drive home your benefits. Our decks (using your templates) don’t have a lot of words, but do have a lot of impact – so your audience listens to you instead of reading the slides. We design decks to support the presenter, not the other way around. 

Demo Solutions Demo Pitch Deck Advances your Deals

Demo Deck Remix: The Demo Deck Remix is where we use your slides and content, but organize and simplify it for demos.

Custom Demo Deck: We work with you to mock up a new deck that aligns with a new script, then our graphic designers make it pretty. And we’re “format agnostic” – we’ll create content for PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides.

But wait. we offer even more

All of our packages come with licenses for Demoflow at no additional cost to you. This amazing tool allows you to deploy consistent content faster and makes things easier for your presenters.