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Demo Solutions Course Catalog delivers content related to specific skills in a number of areas of your Demo or Presentation and Sales Process. These workshops are delivered either standalone or as part of package.

Workshops in the Demo Solutions Course Catalog were developed on a foundation of evidence-based psychology and behavioral economics, combined with real-world experience from Founder Ed Jaffe. Our founder and lead consultant has served on the faculty of the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Northwestern University, is a Master Facilitator at 2Win! and incorporates best-practices from academia and examples from his Presales experience when designing workshops. These aren’t “show up and some guy will talk at you for 3 hours.” Instead, our workshops are customized to be dynamic and allow our facilitators to get inside your demo and process and engage with your team and content, so participants can develop and practice new skills with what feels like another team leader.

Demo Solutions Course Catalog:

Positive Presentation Psychology is our foundational workshop.

This workshop is for: SDR/BDR, AE, Presales, Managers

Topics covered: Basic neuroscience; theory of mind; behavioral economics and cognitive biases; sales linguistics.

Skills you’ll gain: How to read audiences; how to identify your own cognitive biases; how to pick up on the language that your customers and prospects are using.

Interactive elements: Discussions

Why select this workshop: This workshop gives you the foundations for everything else we do. It can be offered standalone, but it is not a hands-on workshop like many of our others.

What will you show? How will you build the right deck? What words should go on slides, and how can you take words off of the slides

This workshop is for: SDR/BDR, AE, Presales, Enablement, Managers

Topics covered: Basic neuroscience; scripts vs notes; language complexity

Skills you’ll gain: How to create more impactul content; how to change your talk track to adapt to different audiences, while keeping the slide the same; alternative visuals to decks

Interactive elements: Discussions, content review

Why select this workshop: Every presentation has a deck, but many decks hurt presenters. And some presenters don’t even need a deck! If you need better content, this workshop is for you

Opening and closing your presentation are the areas when you have the most impact. It’s where you get the audience’s attention, where they make their first impression (which usually sticks), and, at the end, when you get next steps. But most presentations open the same way. Presenters talk about themselves, their company, their history, etc – meanwhile the audience tries not to fall asleep. And, when the presentation is done most presenters forget the most important part – the close!

This workshop is for: SDR/BDR, AE, Presales, Managers

Topics covered: Psychology to get and keep the audience’s attention, language to help frame benefits and close the deal

Skills you’ll gain: How to create a unique introduction that gains and retains the audience attention, how to make emotional connections with the audience right away, how to secure next steps at the end of your demo

Interactive elements: Discussions, practice

Why select this workshop: Opening and closing are some of the areas that we’re asked about most – this workshop ensures your team has the skills to bookend their next demo or presentation

“The confidence that individuals have in their beliefs depends mostly on the quality of the story they can tell about what they see, even if they see little.“ – Daniel Khaneman

Since the beginning of recorded history (and probably before it), humans have used stories to share ideas and pass information to others. We remember stories far more than facts, because the human brain attaches to stories. And if we don’t have all the facts, we will usually make up a story that fits – even if it doesn’t follow what actually happened. 

This workshop is for: AE, Presales, Enablement, Marketing

Topics covered: The elements that make a great story; how to construct a strong narrative; what elements of storytelling are universal

Skills you’ll gain: How to embed stories throughout your presentations; how to “get to the point” and reduce fluff; how to close your stories so the message/reason for the story is clear

Interactive elements: Discussions, practice

Why select this workshop: Storytelling is universal – it’s something that everyone can do, but few have mastered it. If you want to truly engage your audience, these skills are a must!

Ever bomb in front of an audience? We have, and we know that it always feels terrible. But, what if you’re bombing and the audience doesn’t tell you?

 This happens more often than you think.

This workshop is for: SDR/BDRs, AEs, Presales, Enablement

Topics covered: The 6 types of demo fails; how to know if the audience isn’t connecting with you

Skills you’ll gain: Knowledge of the demo fails that are hurting your presentations; tactics to avoid demo fails in the future

Interactive elements: Discussions, mock demos, group feedback

Why select this workshop: Participants are always surprised when they find out the things they’re doing that hurt presentations – as minor as saying “right” over again or asking too many rhetorical questions, and as major as offending the audience

Great therapists create safe environments where clients can open up, not feel judged, and come to their own conclusions. These therapists use techniques like active listening, empathy, and motivational interviewing to help clients make a change in a way that works for them. 

Sometimes, being a SaaS salesperson can feel a bit like being a therapist. Clients have a problem you’re trying to help them solve, they may be afraid of change, and your job to listen. If you just tell them what to do, they’re probably not going to do it (seriously, when was the last time a stranger told you to do something and you just did it?). Instead, you have to motivate them in a way that works for them, and get them to come to their own conclusions. 

This workshop is for: SDR/BDRs, AEs, Presales

Topics covered: Neuroscience; motivational interviewing; transtheoretical (what a great word) model of behavioral change; potential outcomes of discovery; the difference between discovery and qualification

Skills you’ll gain: New discovery questions that can be used right away; techniques to create more impactful discovery questions moving forward; the ability to conduct discovery in the same meeting as a demo (if necessary) and still be successful

Interactive elements: Discussions, mock discovery, group feedback

Honestly, this is the best choice in our catalogue. Believe us. 

Did you believe us? Science says probably not, which is why Sales Linguistics matters. From the way you are running discovery to how you present, the words you use are absolutely critical.

This workshop is for: SDR/BDRs, AEs, Presales

Topics covered: Normative language; language complexity – how to go from “leverage our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver actionable insights” (18th grade, or 2nd year of grad school level) to “save time by focusing on what matters” (6th grade, and can be understood by 11-12 year olds).

Skills you’ll gain: The ability to simply language for your next presentation

Interactive elements: Discussions, mock discovery and/or presentations, group feedback

Everyone should present like themselves. We believe this so much, that it’s one of our demo rules. Because when you’re not focused on being someone else when you present, you can focus on the audience instead. 

But presenting like yourself is hard. Many of us put on “masks” when in front of an audience, and it can be scary to take them off. 

To make it easier to present like yourself, we go through the 6 demo and presentation identities and help you understand which one best aligns with your style. You’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of each style (none of them are “good” or “bad”), and how to make the most of your own style when presenting. 

This workshop is for: SDRs/BDRs, AEs, Presales, Enablement, Management

Topics covered: The 6 demo identities, how to make the most of your demo identity

Skills you’ll gain: Increased comfort with being yourself in front of an audience

Interactive elements: Discussions, a quiz, mock presentations

Why select this workshop: So you can be more comfortable during any presentation

We work with leaders to reframe metrics and work new methods of evaluation into existing processes. Our techniques are unorthodox drawing from a number of disciplines including anthropology, psychology, and political theory, but they inspire sustained, creative, self-driven change. Primarily, they help coaches drive change without making people feel bad about themselves, even when needing to say “that was terrible.”

This workshop is for: Managers, leaders

Topics covered: Motivational interviewing; foundational psychology

Skills you’ll gain: How to give bad news in a positive way; avoiding the “crap sandwich” method of feedback

Interactive elements: Discussions

Why select this workshop: Feedback is hard, but necessary to make people better. However, not every piece of feedback is a “gift.” Is yours?

You. Are. Awesome. Your session was fun, informative, and hit the nail on the head. I know that a session like this takes a lot of thought, and time, and it means the world that you delivered and made us look so good! Thanks again, and can’t wait to have you back!

-Christina Brady, President, Sales Assembly