Clients and Partners

Clients and Partners

I had the pleasure of working with Demo Solutions on our first sales demo. Ed is an incredibly quick study, and was able to dive deeply into the particulars and nuances of our business. Ed went to great lengths to research both the industry and business model and distilled our presentation into a clever heuristic with precise, evidence-based value propositions. What’s more is, Ed was able to weave a storyline throughout the presentation, layer in strong emotional content, and create real opportunities to engage with our customers on a very human level. Ed is a great mix of academic thinker and seasoned sales expert, able to create materials that speak to a broad range of business and psychographic needs.

Yaniv KanfiFounder & CEO, Achroma
Working with Ed was an invaluable process for my team. It’s so easy to get stuck in a day to day rut with the same pitch deck and stale demo, but having fresh eyes and input to fine tune is extremely important. Ed has no issues telling it like it is and really digging in to drive meaningful improvements and value. We saw improved results immediately after implementing his feedback into our demos and process.

Helee LevChief Revenue Officer, Goby
Demo Solutions has helped us stand out in a competitive market and better highlight our differentiators. The Demo Audit uncovered areas of improvement and he used these insights to craft personal coaching programs for our sales team. We have since received positive feedback on our revamped demos which has resulted in a more focused sales approach.

Gina ThomasChief Development Officer/Chief Nursing Advisor, Lumere
We had a fantastic experience working with Demo Solutions. Ed gave us fresh, external perspective and challenged many of our long-held beliefs in a very positive way. We greatly benefitted from the experience.
Director of SalesEnterprise Market Research Firm
Ed did a terrific job – he knows how to make people feel real good when they did well, and even
when there are areas for improvement it’s done in a positive & constructive way.
VP of SalesSaaS Ecommerce Firm
Ed was very insightful; he consistently had thoughts that I had not
considered, but had immediate impact in my ability to structure a presentation.
Director of ConsultingSaaS ecommerce firm
Ed gave me insight on how to look at demos from a different perspective, which I found valuable.
Sr. Solution EngineerERP Technology Firm
Ed was absolutely exceptional. He did a sensational job and
provided anecdotal insight that I will take with me into the field.
Solutions ConsultantSaaS Marketing Technology Firm
Ed gives amazing feedback.
Digital Sales SpecialistFortune 500 Enterprise Technology Firm
Ed really emphasized the idea that we shouldn’t emulate other people’s presentation
styles, and instead use the knowledge to bolster our own personalities and how we’d naturally
present. I really appreciated that advice!
Digital Sales SpecialistFortune 500 Enterprise Technology Firm
Ed was an amazing instructor he gave great feedback and really pays attention to everyone
individually and as a group.
Technical Solutions SpecialistFortune 500 Enterprise Technology Firm

Sales Assembly

The first and only fully dedicated resource & peer community
for sales leaders and their organizations.

2Win! Global

The world leader in software demo training and selling with video.

Gradient Cyber (formerly atRISK Technologies)

Gradient provides a proper understanding of your risk gaps in people, processes, and technologies and baseline where you are today, and what you work on tomorrow.


Achroma is an empowering mortgage marketplace. We are on a mission is to make the American Dream a reality for individuals and communities that have historically been denied its promise. We built Achroma from the bottom up to provide absolute transparency, fairness and choice on home loans.


Minute7 syncs with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online and enables employees to enter time and expenses from their PCs, Macs, iPhone and Android devices.

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market research. We create data and analysis on thousands of products and services around the world.


Goby is a faster, smarter way to automate accounts payable. Our AP Automation technology streamlines the invoice capture process, speeds up approvals, cuts costs, and eliminates mistakes & late fees. There is a better way to manage accounts payable, and you can start today.


Lumere (formerly Procured Health) is an organization comprised of clinicians, researchers, pharmacists and strategic thought leaders focused on helping health systems eliminate unwarranted clinical variation and cut unnecessary costs—specifically related to device and drug selection and utilization. By providing both physicians and hospital leaders with evidence-based data, information, and analytics they’ve previously lacked, Lumere accelerates their ability to optimize patient care and decrease healthcare’s financial burden.

Hansa Marketing Services

Hansa Marketing is a Marketing Communications Agency that combines INSIGHTS with ENGAGEMENT. Our Marketing Research and Consulting expertise allow us to develop meaningful communications for our clients. Through analytics, we measure and optimize everything we touch.

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