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Demo Solutions Blog is an insider guide to making your demos and presentations more effective using behavioral economics, positive psychology, and some of the latest techniques from all sorts of training. When your demo is just ok, you are doing it wrong. We designed each blog to make you a better presenter after reading or watching one of the signature 1-minute videos. Everyone has just a minute to help present more effectively and advance deals right?

What do we talk about in the blog? From groupthink to cognitive bias, and every psychological theory in between, we explore how your demo is perceived and how to better connect with your audience. We also cover presentations in pop culture to show you WHY you are drawn to a certain style of communication or visual presentation. Lastly, we review the latest in communication science and Demo Gear to give our clients the best tools to kill their demo and seal the deal. We welcome your feedback and remind clients that before you demo, you demo audit! Click Here

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