Name: Martha Greenlee, Director of Marketing at Demo Solutions

Demo Identity: Martha is a Professor mixed with Planner. She thinks she used to be a Comedian.

What does she do at Demo Solutions?

Martha is responsible for all things marketing at Demo Solutions – she’s in charge of everything from social media and content through press and special research.  So, in addition to creating some damn good content for this site (read the blog– it’s great), she helps our clients create compelling messages that resonate with their audiences. 

How does she do it?  

A marketing strategist with over a decade of experience, Martha Greenlee has successfully grown organizations across several industries, including arts, tourism, real estate and tech.

What do you have to study to do all that?

As a proud holder of a Cultural Anthropology degree from Emory University, Martha understands what makes people tick.

What is she like outside the office? In her spare time, Martha enjoys tasting tapas, and she also writes cookbooks and songs.