Dr. G. Kwesi Cornell Logan

Name: Dr. Gilo Kwesi Cornell Logan

Demo Identity: The man has Dr. in his name, so he’s smart like a Professor. But, his true Demo Identity is the Guide.

What does he do at Demo Solutions?

Dr. Logan is our DEI (diversity, equity and inclusivity) advisor, and his work is both internal and external. Externally, he partners with Demo Solutions’ clients to ensure that their demos and presentations take diverse perspectives into account. Internally, he helps us facilitate our inclusive culture and plays a pivotal role in our efforts to be a positive business.

Really, his job is to make sure that, when it comes to inclusivity, we don’t just say the right thing, but that we also do the right thing.

What did he do before he got here?

Dr. Logan is an accomplished consultant, author and speaker. With experience spanning over twenty years and throughout twenty-three countries (not a typo – he truly has been all over the world), Dr. Logan has provided expertly researched and demonstrably effective leadership and diversity training to multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, school districts, college campuses, and government agencies.

Growing up in Evanston, Illinois, he learned of social justice not from watching the news, but from watching his father serve as the first Black police chief of Evanston and go onto serve as a bodyguard to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Where did he go to school?

Dr. Logan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing (Southern Illinois University), a Master’s degree in Elementary Education (National Louis University), and a Doctorate in Adult and Continuing Education (National Louis University). He’s also professor of Diversity and Social Justice at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL.

Further, he is a member of the Illinois Diversity Council, a National Diversity Council Certified Diversity Professional, a certified Family Life educator, and the founder of S.O.U.L. Creations.

What is he like outside the office?

In his spare time, Dr. Logan can be found listening to and making music, eating a bowl of vegan popcorn, working out, gardening and spending time with his wife, Miah, and their three sons.