A SaaS Tragedy: Great Sales Reps Bad Demos

A SaaS Tragedy: Great Sales Reps Bad Demos is the story of how things can go wrong when you have really good people who are doomed from the start, for a number of reasons. Luckily, we also offer how to remediate situations in the moment, and how to prepare your process and your demo for better performances. 

Stage is Set for a Bad Demo 

You can have an amazing team of sales professionals, and have the perfect prospect and if you deliver the demo at the wrong time in the cycle. It is over. There are a number of reasons that we deliver the demo at the wrong time and most of the time you don’t know it is the wrong time until you are in it. This can be prevented. Never run a demo without discovery. This is one of our demo rules, and also never stop discovering when you are in your demo. 

Reset Stage during Demo 

If you find yourself in a demo and you realize, either the client is not ready for the demo yet, or they have interests outside of the demo, or you are demoing to the wrong audience, which we will talk about next, just keep discovering and asking questions. No need to show things if they don’t want to see things. Back out of the demo slowly, and keep asking questions. If they aren’t ready for the demo, do not give it. Without the proper context, you can’t solve problems they dont know they have, they will just think it is cool software. 

Actors, Places, Audience 

You might be an incredible presenter, but if you are in front of the wrong audience, you are wasting your time. How does this happen if your team ran discovery? Your prospect might have wanted to go ahead with the demo without a decision maker, and that is fine, if you have enough champions there, but if you have no one who will use the software and no one who has a stake in your solutions, you have no audience. 

Additionally, if you have everyone there, but there is a flaw in the discovery and they are not in a place where your solution makes sense yet, and they are there for an exploratory trip because your solution is on their roadmap OR you have a solution to offer but it is on YOUR roadmap, places aren;t aligned. Do not demo. 

Tragic Endings and New Beginnings

These are things that can happen to any team and solutions architect or sales rep. In fact, it is almost always one of these things that happens because this is when demos do not win deals, and this is the premise of our business. By the time you are delivering a demo, if discovery is done correctly, and you are confident that THIS software is the solution for THIS company or prospect, then the demo should go smoothly and you might not even need to show software during your demo. 

Your demo needs to reassure your audience that you are the right solution. Many times when you are up against competitors, their software may be a better fit but they are in the wrong time in a cycle as well and deliver a worse demo. This happens. You need to deliver a demo that speaks to the audience’s needs and assures them of your solutions. When you have made a good impression by not wasting time, if the stage is set and actors aren’t present, OR you are not at the right time, then you will have a better chance later with the right circumstances, and it will be a beginning.  If you have trouble communicating this, and are interested in getting advanced training for your team or simply for yourself, we do that!  

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