Presenter Resilience vs Continuity

Presenter Resilience vs Presenter Continuity is an interesting but old debate in sales training. Should we train with Presenter Resilience vs Continuityhypotheticals and preparation OR should we be cross training with other skills that help a presenter handle situations that you might not be able to predict? This language is borrowed from the business resilience and business continuity debate, but most of the current and prevailing thought is towards fostering resilience over continuity. Especially in light of 2020. Let’s take a look at some ways we can use exercises in both resilience teaching and continuity teaching, to prepare for and deliver better demos and presentations. 

Presenter Resilience 

Resilience is the ability to handle and excel in the face of the unimaginable. A pandemic is unimaginable, a freak storm is unimaginable, and some elements in demos and presentations are truly unimaginable. So the parts of resilience that we train for are the unimaginable and the recovery from the unimaginable. 

Resilience training requires positive thinking. For a lot of people, this does not track immediately. How to train to recover from the unimaginable without imagining it? EXACTLY. DO NOT IMAGINE IT. Resilience training is all about strengthening all the other foundations that make you a strong presenter. We decrease your stress, anxiety, increase the internal locus of control, cultivate positive emotions, and build better and honest relationships with your prospects, to be a resilient presenter. Think about it this way, if you are confident and resilient, and a rogue squirrel with rabies attacks the entire sales team in one of your meetings, you are more likely to not be terrified of that happening again, you will simply move on and learn from the experience. 

How do we cultivate all of the foundations of resilience? Here are some exercises we recommend, gratitude training, 60 second value pitch, self regulation exercises, emotional resilience exercise, and relationship building. 

Presenter Continuity 

Continuity training is training for the foreseeable. In presentations, especially for SaaS presentations, certain things are foreseeable. Presentation continuity is about having a plan to deal with difficult situations, so your demo can continue to function with as little disruption as possible. This also applies for your sales process around the demo. We have checklists for this from a tech perspective, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong on a SaaS demo, so these just help hedge your bets that they will not. From a process perspective, as an SE, coming in the middle of a deal, continuity represents ways to get deals back on track if they head off rails. We have some training here for Sales Process. 

Looking for exercises or strategies for continuity? These are mostly team building and efficiency. For business continuity, you plan around essential functions, so when things are disrupted, can you essentially function. Same holds true for presenting and process. What are the elements of your presentation that truly matter to get a deal closed? Who cares if a super cool element of software fails, the prospect may not have cared about it anyway, you need to focus on what they need. Additionally, working on communication with your team. The things that are going to go wrong, are going to look better when you have good communication across sales teams. 

Presenter Resilience vs Continuity 

Resilience and Continuity are not pitted against each other, but if you have to choose training on one for time and resources, we vote for resilience. Hear us out. Resilience training makes continuity training irrelevant in sales and presentations. When you have trained a resilient sales team, they can present without any gadgets or software even. What you are presenting during SaaS sales presentations is an answer to problems found during a properly conducted discovery. When your whole team is trained to confidently communicate your values for their processes, it won’t matter what goes wrong. 

Resilience + Continuity

What is really great is when you have the budget for both resilience and continuity, and they are not mutually exclusive. We offer training for resilience and continuity so your sales and your presentations processes and teams are able to meet all challenges. If you want to learn more about our training, please reach out!

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