60 Second Value Pitch

60 Second Value Pitch- Values Sample List

60 Second Value Pitch is actually an exercise, not a pitch, and it is not based on the other person, it is based on you, or your team, or org. This exercise clarifies values to help you deliver better presentations, be more present in teams, and build stronger cultures within organizations as leaders. Here is the problem. It is easy in demos, presentations, and sales environments, to see dollars or recognition, or to put the focus on how you will be perceived, and act or say something that is not really who you are or that reflects your values. The cumulative effects of not acting, speaking, and representing an organization that is misaligned with values leads to burnout, or worse it produces toxic culture when it becomes a norm across a revenue organization. Values Clarification is a quick way to get in touch with authenticity and what matters most at the moment and it contributes to long-term success.

This starts by identifying what an audience values. Values are “guiding principles that give meaning to and guide behavior” (Christie, Atkins & Donald, 2017, p. 1059) Doing this forces teams and individuals to define and compress values, then align presentations, sales behaviors, corporate mission, and so on and so forth. This tool targets values clarification in a forum we understand, with a ‘pitch’, to identify, prioritize, and then ‘sell’ whatever it is that is most important. 

The 60 Second Value Pitch can be used anytime in a sales environment. If you are doing this with a team, you can pitch to each other if you are in a hierarchy-free space. You can do this on a slow Friday, in a retreat setting, or on your own.

What is the 60 Second Value Pitch 

Your minute pitch is what you value in life, value in work, and is outside facts. Reminding yourself and your team of values is an exercise that is great to practice as often as you pitch sales. What are you really getting out of something? Are your values aligned with your behaviors and speech? 

Write out and refine and refine and refine, until you can explain your values in 60 seconds. Repeat this process often.

60 Second Value Pitch- Values Sample List

Pitch Tips

Go Deep! 

If you are working with your team, ask that they prepare a pitch and throw software at it to make it feel really real. Visual representations and being able to work on this, while on the clock, is a powerful incentive. 

Go Shallow 

You can use this same short pitch as refining an ice-breaker. Instead of the usual Hi, I’m Charles, I am from Boston, Go Red Sox, try Hi I’m Charles and these are some facts that are value-based. 

Knowing our values tells us not only what is worth investing our time and energy into but also what is not. When everything is considered important, values lose their purpose. This exercise forces audiences to prioritize their values. 

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