Stop Anesthetizing Your SaaS Demos and Presentations

Stop Anesthetizing Your SaaS Demos and Presentations, and start selling with more value. SaaS demos and presentations are devoid of feeling, yet in sales, we are increasingly told to lead with emotion, make a connection, show empathy, and we, at Demo Solutions, are the ones who are preaching this. But how narrow is this line and how can you elicit emotion without being manipulative? We recently came across a dilemma in our work and wanted to explore with our audience exactly what makes a presentation evoke the right emotions and what makes it feel like it has been injected with novocain. 

Normative Language/Buzzwords 

Across the board the quickest way to lose an audience is using buzzwords. If you have to define for your audience what a word is, what a title is, and what a function of your product is, you need to rewrite your script and recreate your narrative, on which a demo sits. 

Demos need to exist outside of the vacuum of your sales org. They need to be understood in plain language. This is where organizations are really blind sided when we come to audit demos. Many have no idea that they are even using buzzwords or not employing normative language of their audience. Remember it is your job to make the audience understand your product and see the value not theirs, so you want to use the plainest language possible. 

Presenting to Everyone 

We have devoted a lot of time and resources to DEI and demoing to everyone, but we recently were reviewing a deck and realized that there were so many names for the people who are not the decision-makers in decks, but who are critical to the operation of a product or service. There was lots of discussion around turnover and churn in these positions but the demo very obviously discussed their role in terms of importance, narrowly. Be absolutely certain that every single function and title is delivered as important as the next. There is no job more or less critical when you are giving a demo. You never know who is in the audience, OR the job path of the decision-maker you are pitching to. 

When you anesthetize a role or process, you are actually assigning less importance to certain functions and roles, without realizing it. The language and effect is so nuanced your audience may not pick up on it immediately, but they will have a knee jerk reaction, especially if they have some ties to that role. 


Stop Anesthetizing Your SaaS Demos and Presentations example of bad imagery

Not only are your visuals important, but the storytelling imagery you conjure is very important to how your presentation and you personally are received. Lots of stories and narratives and visuals are half way evocative and not thought out for the audience. This results in a lukewarm reception. Go all the way in your demos and presentations and choose 1 emotion for the demo. Recall it frequently, name it, and go all in on it. Trying to recall a bunch of different emotions hoping you hit a nerve with someone in the audience are terrible odds. When you are excited and know that you hit an emotion, it is infectious. 


Say exactly what you mean. If you are presenting a demo or presentation and are unsure how something will land, back to the drawing board. Whether that is marketing or presales, whoever is in charge of your demos. Every single demo script needs to be deliverable to any audience. There is a sequence and a science to having a dynamic script, which we can help with, and there are going to be stories that stand out and take the prospect on a journey in each instance. If you do not have this and are pulling stories roughly that you think land with some audiences, you need to revise your strategy around a script. 

Stop Anesthetizing Your SaaS Demos and Presentations Final Thoughts

Some things really hit home. Delivering a story attached with a powerful universal emotion is one of the most effective ways to capture an audience and not let their attention go, until the demo is over. You cannot do this with Demos and Presentations that are anesthetized or have no conviction, are delivered in language that is vague, with imagery that is ill conceived, or with a script that is written as a blanket for all audiences. If you are looking to win more deals with demos, get your sales out of the middle of the funnel, call us. We can bring the demos back to life. 

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