What are the Best Software Sales Certifications of 2021

What are the Best Software Sales Certifications of 2021? Sales Training is a huge industry. Sales Coaching is a huge industry. We are part of it, and We have seen all the training, worked with some dissatisfied customers, and satisfied customers and we have designed a fair number of specialty certifications ourselves. There are many approaches to sales and they all involve asking customers to change, if you are selling SaaS software. That can be a really tall order, and it is expensive, so how you go about your SaaS Sales Training and which certification you use is critical to your brand and culture as well. Here are some of the most popular on the SaaS Sales circuit. If you are looking to upskill your teams, regardless of size, you have the choice to design your own, or use one of these reputable certifications. 


Our founder and lead coach, Ed Jaffe is a Master Facilitator with 2Win! Global and all of our coaching aligns with 2Win!. If you are a mid to large presales team looking to upskill, you should consider 2Win! Training and certification. It is probably the best out there. We are biased, openly, but it also has some of the top demo talent and instructors and churns out presales teams that close more deals in shorter periods of time. 

Some people have asked, and we like to clarify, how coaching differs from certification, notably 2Win!. Demo Solutions is a consulting firm who specializes in mid funnel sales and we offer individual and team training in behavioral economics and positive psychology. Our programs are 1:1 for contributors, leaders, and teams, and quite simply we are more about the full process than just the demo. 


We hear great things about Sandler Certifications, both from leaders whose team has undergone  the training, and those who obtain the certification. Here is the scoop.  Developed by David Sandler in 1967, this sales methodology and framework focuses on qualifying a customer and relationship building. It is not an aggressive approach. Much of the Sandler dogma aligns with how Demo Solutions Coaches as well. Pricing is not listed on their site, and like many training programs this is due to the team size and contributors. Most only train teams. 

Dale Carnegie 

The Carnegie Certification did a really great job of adapting to 2021 conditions through adjusting its’ content towards the remote seller and developing relationships without in person facetime. Carnegie offers top to bottom funnel sales coaching. Their approach is customer centric and methodology includes listening exercises, deep questioning, and basic human relations skills. Pricing is not listed on their site, but they have in person seminars, online courses, and self study. This is a global brand and their support and training, while not personalized, is highly recommended. 

Josh Braun

Josh Braun is one of the darlings of SaaS Sales. He is often quoted and has some really great numbers and reviews. The methodology and area he covers is more top of funnel and bottom of funnel, and he uses tactics that may border on manipulative, and are definitely rooted in psychology. We love a psychological approach, but in the climate of post 2020 would consider his training and certifications with DEI in mind.  

Custom Created 

Best Software Sales Certifications of 2021 Team Building Sample Exercise

Demo Solutions works with teams on programs to build internal certifications, based on their unique sales process and the role that requires training. Sometimes when we enter into an engagement, usually a 6 month minimum contract, we use custom certification design as a way to incentivize and bring together teams around change. Ours are largely based on role and we sometimes include demos and sometimes it is self study coursework on intrinsic motivation, or team building exercises. If you are interested in Custom Certification for your sales team, contact us! 

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