Top SaaS Sales Skills to Master in 2021

Top SaaS Sales Skills to Master in 2021, because 2020 was…..weird. We admit when we started 2020 coaching year, we had high hopes, big budgets, and the idea of solely remote demoing and presenting seemed out of the question. Sure, product led demos and demo automation softwares were being implemented and developed but SaaS Sales Skills were fairly entrenched in certain approaches and policies that would not and had not seen significant revision in decades. Enter remote demoing, remote selling, and the boom in demo automation and transformation of sales processes. 

Your skills need to change as the times have changed, and everyone knows, no one likes change. We want to offer some noninvasive and gentle approaches to mastering new skills in 2021 that benefit your sales. These are our top Saas Sales Skills to master in 2021 and they have little to do with tech, and lots to do with empathy and psychology. 

Discovery with Empathy 

Challenger selling, finding pain, exploiting people on the inside, this is exactly what you SHOULD NOT be doing in 2021. Manipulative tactics are great if you are selling used cars and never have to see someone again, or if you just generally do not care to connect with audiences. BUT, if you are looking to maintain lasting connections that can span a lifetime across multiple sales organizations, positions, and channels, treating prospects with respect and running discovery with empathy is the way to go. 

How to run discovery with empathy? We deliver 1:1 coaching on these, team coaching on these, and it is one of our new courses in an LMS to be released fall 2021, but in short, when we discovery with empathy, we see the point of view of the client, put their needs first, and ask permission before selling to them. All the time gaining trust and moving slowly. 2020 was hard enough, no one needs to feel pressured or pushed into making changes and fearing for their jobs in a sales presentation or discovery call. 

Handling Objections without Rejection 

Not everything is about you. Demo Solutions had a great opportunity to consult with a relationship therapist this Spring, see the series here, and learned a lot about how to sell with compassion and getting on the clients level. One of the biggest things to note in sales is that objections are not personal. Not everything is about you and your product. This is one of those lessons that beginners in sales learn, and you learn in outbound sales, but how you learn about objections and overcoming them makes an enormous impact on the type of sales leader you become. 

You have two choices, you can become resilient and see objections as objections, or you can use manipulative tactics and techniques and treat objections as rejections. Even the language around this sounds harsh, but it is the reality of how many people have approached SaaS software sales in the past. We aren’t naming names, but it is really common to call peoples pain out and hope that your solution is a one up on their process, using fear to overcome objections. This feels painful writing, it is painful to buy when you are pressured, and it is not a great way to forge business relationships. 

Resilience and Goal Setting 

The next big skill for 2021 is being resilient to changes that take place around you. You may have seen your company pivot, you may be looking at the coming year in a whole new light as your goals are going to change and your motivations change. Maybe you experienced loss, maybe you were affected by politics, maybe you are just ready to be motivated by more meaningful metrics than money. This is lots of people. We are seeing so many people leave or change the way they work after 2020. Who has time for meaningless motivation? 

This is where we see resilience and goal setting becoming really important skills for success in 2021. Finding your why in your role and seeing how relationships change for the better are both part of the great upskilling of 2021 in sales. If you are considering coaching in resilience and motivation, for yourself or your team, it is a really great time to embark. We coach intrinsic motivation, which is finding your why, and how to handle objections to become more resilient. All of these types of coaching are rooted in positive psychology and they enrich your professional lives and personal. That is a hybrid we can all get behind.

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