SaaS Sales Checklist for Resilient Orgs

2021 SaaS Sales Checklist for Resilient Orgs is an evaluation of your long term goals and short term goals in light of the challenges of the past year. Whether you are heading into an office or have changed permanently to a hybrid system, there is no doubt that your sales process going online was a shock to the system as you knew it. So, How resilient is your sales process, and how resilient was your team? Let’s examine some metrics in our checklist and see some ways that we can move forward using the lessons we learned from the last year, and congratulate ourselves on moving on. 

Manage Churn/ Establish New Metrics 

How did you handle churn? Was internal turnover very high? How are you establishing new metrics for performance? Lots to unpack in those three questions. Many SaaS companies witnessed losses in terms of clients. This was inevitable as certain businesses were hit much harder than others, however, it is anticipated that this year it should level and a boom is expected. If you had to let a large number of teammates go, how did the remaining handle it? How was the performance? How is morale at this moment in time? 

Whether you are rebuilding or your are feverishly expanding, as many SaaS software companies find themselves, it is a great time to offer complimentary upskilling and team workshops around empathy. Many people experienced losses that are not comprehensible in the daily life of a team, but should be understood in performance terms. Scale back on your metrics and revise your process. Are some of your metrics for success determined by being able to work together and follow processes? Building culture? Now is the time to bring together teams and really focus on selling with more compassion. See our resources here. 

Pivot or Parlay? 

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Did you pivot your business or was your long term strategy changed or goals parlayed? Are you taking advantage of the new opportunities and do your pitches and demos reflect a change in values and the change in circumstances? Now is not the time to use sales techniques that focus explicitly on pain.  Are your processes resilient? Did they stand the test of time? Can you deliver a demo or presentation now, the same way as before 2020 and get the same results? 

If you pivoted or parlayed, we should talk new strategies of running discovery, demos, and closing, with your prospects. Times have changed and so must your processes. Plus there are some amazing new products out there to make your remote sales force ten times more effective. See some of the latest founders on the scene to change the Demo game. Navattic, and Walnut. 

Messaging and Product Launches 

How has your messaging changed? Are your sales and presales aligned in the new messaging? Does this come across in your communications and products? This is an integral part of the resilience of an organization and as you return to the office or emerge into a hybrid environment, you might need to sync up. We offer programs for connecting and aligning on new goals and motivations that underlie the new products and deliver the most effective messaging. 

This gives leaders and founders a lot to consider. You may have completely different goals and metrics that need to be implemented and not know where to start. Demo Solutions can help you. If you found 2021 SaaS Sales Checklist for Resilient Orgs useful, we offer coursework on empathy, discovery, and closing that puts your team on a path to meeting new challenges that a revised selling landscape poses. Call us and schedule a time to discuss how we can help you become more resilient to what the future holds and succeed in 2021. 

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