Psychology of SaaS Software Sales

SaaS Software Sales is a billion dollar business. The Psycholgy of Sales is also a huge business. Everyone wants to be able to revolutionize industries and provide the next market disrupter. But often times, the technology or software that is so market disrupting does not sell and the concept fails. Is it because there is not a market for it, or is it because the sales force has not tapped into the psychology of convincing their audience that this is the change they have been waiting for? 

It is realistically a bit of both. As humans we don’t like change, in fact, it is really uncomfortable. There are some phases of human evolution that witnessed rapid changes and you have huge leaps forward in humanity following them. Agriculture, industrialization, and one could argue easily, that SaaS softwares and AI will also be one of those eras where there will be lots of change. The good news about these periods of change is they free up time for more creative human thought and tapping into the parts of our brain that process critically. This bad news, is the road there is full of blocks because it displaces comfortable non thinking. 

This is the challenge of SaaS software sales. You need to be able to tap into human psyche of your prospects in a non threatening way, and introduce a concept or product that precedes change, and make it comfortable and exciting to adopt changes. We are outlining some of our top tips for tapping into the Psychology of SaaS Software Sales to help you more effectively connect with your audience and get them excited about your product. 

Need it

You first need your audience to recognize the need for your product. Whether your lead is coming from inbound or outbound, in order to qualify your prospect they really need to need the product, and know they need it. This means that some area is lagging in production or there is an unhappy department or end client. What if your product is so new or great that they don’t quite understand that they need it? You have to convince them that the changes are going to be minimal and fit the solution into activities they are already engaged in. 

How to fit NEW software into OLD processes in sales Pitches/

Use Normative Language of client 

Get a demo in a replicated environment 

Get as many people on your side as possible prior to demo  

Wont Break 

If it is not broken, why fix it? Another barrier to change that is in the same wheelhouse as knowing that a solution is necessary is the assurance that the onboarding of the software will not break other parts of the process, and won’t break itself. The longer the onboarding process and changes to an existing process, the more nuanced your sales process must be, and the more careful you must be during a sale. Why? Over reliance on a new software and the software breaking process and system would result in larger losses than an average process to begin with. 

Its like before but better 

The easiest way to sell is to basically not set off any alarms that you are the beacon of change. Look like the team, talk like the team, have an idea that is a good one, and the team jumps on board, because it is just a better solution to something that has not been as productive. This is a great place to deliver a demo. Whether you are using a demo environment or you have a process that includes product led videos, cater to your client and do not venture too far outside their comfort zone. Do not show additional software, stay in a trust zone of this will be like before, but better. 

Part of your world 

If you have sold products to your clients, they are familiar with you, your company, your teams, your customer service, and they are likely to continue to purchase your product. You become part of their world, and they become part of yours. It will be easier to sell again, because you have established trust, however, remember that each of these stages that disrupt a process is scary and new and you need to gain consent to change every time. 

We hope this brief intro into how clients think about SaaS Software Sales helps you understand why Demo Solutions teaches to sell using Positive Psychology. The hard sell, selling with fear, and selling without consent are approaches that are not rooted in psychology, but use tactics that are manipulative and are not rooted in collective trust and appreciation. If you are interested in learning more about Demo Solutions and Psychology of SaaS Software Sales, please reach out! 

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