Product Led Demo Onboarding Time

Product Led Demo Onboarding Time!!!! Who has recently purchased software for product led demos? Are you excited about starting? So are we. It is a great time to modify your sales process and some of the new tools are poised to save lots of money and time whether you are in sales or solutions architecture. Before entering headlong into new softwares, videos, and processes, we have some checks you should follow during onboarding, in addition to our favorite softwares and tools. Here are some of our favorite softwares and some tricks for preparing to onboard, for your process. 

Product Led Video Onboarding Discovery Image

Discovery Tricks: Part of their world 

We recently wrote about entrenching yourself into the world of the prospect. It goes a lot further than mirroring a demo environment with their branding. If you have the capability of product led videos or software that is static and only shows a few features, be sure that it is designed to mirror any prospect who would have the challenges the software solves. This makes adding value much much easier. Sure you will be swapping out imagery but the challenge you are solving will look and feel the same. This operates on a pscyhological level and if you are running discovery asking lots of questions and then have software or videos that show you really truly listened or took the time to see what they needed, you will be in a great position to either move forward or close when the time is right. 

Image Overhaul: DEI 

If you are onboarding new software and overhauling your process to include a preliminary product video, you need to be absolutely positive that your imagery is DEI approved. There is no quicker way to lose an audience than to alienate a member, no matter how much of a stake they hold, big or small. If you alienate one member, then another member might notice, and now you have fractured an audience against your deal or your product. Why do that, especially when it is the easiest thing in the world to get checked. We offer a DEI service complementary with all of our packages that support demo automation and preliminary demos. 

Script Remix

New product software, new videos, time for a script remix. You need to rework your script regularly anyway. There are so many elements that come into play in scripts, jokes that might not land, imagery that is not culturally sensitive or relevant, and a solid script is very difficult to come by as it is. We recommend demo set lists to begin with, but should you have scripts with must have information, run an audit on them before setting the content to the new videos and software. It should never be recycled without being tested. Once it is reworked, throw the old script out.

Brand and Tone: (for video) 

Change your brand and tone for video and make sure that it is appropriate for all points of view. You might think that the script writing may accomplish this, but it is different. Continuity in videos is more important and more obvious to the end user and viewer. With each leave behind item or item that can be shared, you need to be absolutely positive that your messaging is clear, and that your brand and tone are continuous. 

If you are considering an audit of your process or have recently purchased demo automation or software or demo videos, please reach out to us. We have a suite of services and checks that we run before you put this into your process. It is an exciting time to be able to streamline sales but to ensure that these new technologies are used successfully, have an expert on hand to help onboard them. 

Navvatic: Excellent product led video solutions 

Walnut: Comprehensive with high altitude solutions, not for small changes. 

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