Five Questions for Founders Featuring Yoav Vilner, Founder of Walnut.Io

Five Questions for Founders: Yoav Vilner, Founder of Walnut.Io

Founder Questions with Yoav Vilner is the second set of Five Questions for Founders with Demo Solutions. We are really lucky to have Founder of Walnut.Io, Yoav Vilner offering a high-level view of Walnut.Io’s capabilities and explain the big thinking that accompanied its’ founding and success. We were really impressed when we came across Walnut and felt like this capability was a long time in coming. Read Founder Questions with Yoav Vilner below.

What was the “aha” moment that led you to found (your company)?

My first company at age 22 was one of the world’s first tech marketing agencies. Out of 600 clients, I’ve noticed that most of their budget was spent on getting people to actually see a demonstration of the product, but then 90% of them failed. They failed due to generic experiences provided to prospects as much as they failed from technical failures, bugs, surprising features the sales rep was not aware of and more. 

What sorts of companies are you focused on with your solution?

We have a waiting list containing executives from hundreds of the world’s leading companies, some of them Fortune companies that are being onboarded on our platform these days. We’ve managed to scale all of our process in a manner of few months. We’d take B2B SaaS companies that are focused on a web product, and soon also support mobile applications.

How is your solution different than similar offerings? 

Since Walnut is a first of its kind, our competition is “old world” solutions such as R&D oriented demo environments, demo presentations, demo videos and of course, the threat of running a live demo praying it all goes well.

You have to limit your professional accomplishments to one single, mic dropping, achievement, what is it, and how did it come about? 

Our product launch from several months ago is considered by industry veterans as one of the best. 

We’ve designed a very cost-effective, multi-channel launch that ranged from a waiting list, to being one of the top Product Hunt launches of 2020, to getting over 20 PR articles going live about us with zero budget. 

The only secret we had was focusing on demonstrating value at first glance, and I believe it’s one of the reasons we are this year’s leading demo platform.

“I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison

What sorts of changes have you had to make to your org as you’ve grown? What would your advice be to a founder facing perceived failure? 

As former mentor in various startup accelerators across NYC, London and Tel-Aviv, I always tend to tell founders that failure is actually pretty amazing. It usually follows after you ran fast, hit a wall, and for some reason didn’t manage to break it. But it does illustrate that you have a very fast and aggressive state of mind, and your next hit through that wall will probably go smooth. 

This, of course differs from startup failing due to moving slow or lack of research prior to launching their product.

We want to thank the team at Walnut.Io for indulging us in answering our Five Questions for Founders. We would like to share our enthusiasm for Walnut and thank them for investing in this mid-funnel space that desperately needs work. Who can’t wait for more from

Contact Walnut Here. We highly recommend their products for those looking to push product-led demos, or simply to revise their sales process.

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