Five Questions for Founders Featuring Navattic with Demo Solutions

Navaytic Founding Team in Five Questions for Founders Featuring Navattic with Demo Solutions

Five Questions for Founders Featuring Navattic with Demo Solutions is the first in a series of interviews that we will give some of the innovators in software. In this very basic overview, founders share insights, aha moments, and differentiators to competition. We are open to suggestions and new questions if you have them, and if you would like to contact Navattic, please click here!

What was the “aha” moment that led you to found (your company)?

As former sales engineers, we gave many product demos, but often saw that a demo overview was not enough. Prospective buyers also wanted to get hands-on when evaluating enterprise software. While sandboxes and trials were an option, they required significant setup and training before a prospect was able to get hands-on with a solution to see the value. This time commitment often did not make sense.

This led us to our core insight which is that software is designed and optimized for the end user experience, not the sales and demo experience. We wanted to build a solution to help buyers engage with product functionality earlier in the sales cycle.

What sorts of companies are you focused on with your solution?

While our solution can support any application that runs in the browser, we are focused on helping organizations that are aiming to accelerate their product-led journey. Companies are seeing a trend in the marketplace where buyers expect to “touch and feel” a product before making a purchasing decision (just like they do with consumer products).

The rise of product-led growth is turning traditional enterprise software go-to-market strategies upside down. Companies are realizing that they need to showcase their solution earlier in the sales funnel in order to stay competitive and attract modern software buyers.

How is your solution different than similar offerings? 

We believe that the widespread adoption of product-led growth will be championed by revenue teams rather than engineering teams. This means that sales and marketing teams need to find a way to quickly build and share product experiences without needing to lean on product development.

Our goal is to bring the best end user experience to the market. To accomplish this we’ve built a simple, no-code solution that anyone within a sales or marketing organization can quickly adopt and create a clean and compelling demo overview within minutes, not hours or days. Every product decision we make is based upon end user ease of use and overall simplicity.

You have to limit your professional accomplishments to one single, mic dropping, achievement, what is it, and how did it come about? 

This March, we graduated from Y Combinator’s Winter 2021 startup batch. Over 16,000 companies applied for only 350 spots in the three month accelerator program. Over the past 15 years, Y Combinator (YC) has funded over 3,000 startups such as Airbnb, Stripe, Coinbase, and Dropbox with a combined valuation of over $300B. YC presented our team with a unique opportunity to work with world-class advisors to refine our go-to-market strategies as we continue to scale our business. 

“I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison

What sorts of changes have you had to make to your org as you’ve grown? What would your advice be to a founder facing perceived failure? 

As former technical sellers ourselves, we initially set out to build a solution to support other sales engineers. However, after speaking with different user groups and prospective customers across a wide range of SaaS verticals and persona types, we quickly realized that sales reps and product marketers are also key users for our demo creation solution.

If we had stuck to our initial path to build something that we wanted, we never would have arrived at this critical insight. The lesson here for founders hitting a growth roadblock is to step back and talk to users. These conversations will uncover new needs and markets that you never would have reached otherwise.

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