How to Engage Employees with Yaymaker: Interview with Demo Solutions

How to Engage Employees with Yaymaker: Interview with Demo Solutions, Yaymaker Virtual Events

How to Engage Employees with Yaymaker, curators of amazing employee experiences, jump into what makes employees WANT to do better and contribute more. Founder Ed Jaffe explains that while culture focusing on free lunches and maybe some mindfulness options, the investment in coaching and training is critical. Corporate culture is not just a happy hour, it should foster the desire to learn and motivation should be intrinsic. People are motivated by recognition. This can include being part of executive meetings, having a voice in big decisions, and having a rewards structure beyond monetary.

Yaymaker posed the question, How to have an effective internal sales meeting? We talk about this A LOT. Do not put pressure on people to participate. Do not make a meeting just to make a meeting to check in. Rather than make a meeting to check in, make a Yaymaker experience and engage with each other. This is how you get some introverts to open up.

What are the big mistakes companies are making when companies are incentivizing? Pay comes to mind first, and recognition, again, comes second. We are easily motivated by pay, but above a certain threshold where our needs are met, we require more. Being recognized and rewarded by new experiences, more freedom, and other intangibles are often much better motivators than a higher paycheck.

Other tips from Founder Ed Jaffe for those newer in the tech industry, and looking for motivation? Find people to follow who you align with. Find books that relate to what you are trying to learn. We recommend Thinking Fast and Slow with Daniel Kahneman. We really enjoyed this interview with Yaymaker, if you are looking for more great content, follow them here!

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