Aristotle Top Tenets for Saas Demo Training

Aristotle Top Tenets for Saas Demo Training shows what it would look like it Aristotle taught Presales. These three key tenets on speaking hold true across centuries and particularly pertain to presales . I mean, this is the point of philosophy right, it’s timeless application? This morning we got a thrilling notification from CNBC on three things that Aristotle taught for those looking to persuade audiences. According to Aristotle, you should basically only open your mouth to persuade an audience to a perspective. While we are very careful in being persuasive over manipulative, blog here, these are incredibly important points. 

These three tenets are exactly aligned with what we coach, offer coursework on, and avidly promote at Demo Solutions. Some of the biggest lessons that Aristotle points out and we abide by differ markedly from our competitors and their training is we focus on making your clients feel good, not giving you way more confidence or take away your anxiety. Learn more below. If you are considering upskilling your presales team or trying something new in 2021 in your sales presentations, we offer packages including content for teams, trainings, and 1:1 coaching

Top Aristotle Tenets for Saas Demo Training image of Aristotle

Aristotle Teachable SaaS Demo Lesson 1: Put the Audience First 

Aristotle taught to prepare your speech for your audience, are you trying to inspire them, make them laugh, or make them buy your software. To demo or present for your audience, make it with your audience in mind. From your discovery to your custom preparation, whether you are using demo automation or not, you should know who will be in the audience, their demographics, your customer industry basics, industry trends and current events, and have answers to what was discussed during discovery. No more no less, because it is their demo or presentation. Stick to what they are asking for. This really will help with presentation anxiety. Consider that they have asked for what you are presenting about and looking to like you. Do not give them a reason not to. 

Aristotle Teachable SaaS Demo Lesson 2: Make Everyone Happy 

Certain things make an audience happy, universally. If you are joined together for a demo, that happiness lies in solving the problems brought up in discovery. That is it! It is not like the search for the meaning of life, your sales team did the discovery, so you could make them happy. There are other things that make an audience happy and they appeal to health, wealth, and well being. We recommend altering this slightly for SaaS demo audiences to try not to alienate anyone. You might be demoing to a broad range of people, so it is much easier to not offend people, than to try to win over every single person by appealing to their health, wealth, and well being. Images of babies never hurt, and storytelling is highly recommended, but remember that this is their time and you are there to solve problems, and that makes an audience happy! 

Aristotle Teachable SaaS Demo Lesson 3: Become Like Your Audience 

We mention normative language in nearly all of our demo critiques. Aristotle did too, “When speakers behave inappropriately,” wrote Aristotle, “their credibility is questioned — even when they speak the truth.” Aristotle references physical appearance, mannerisms, and language. For our purposes, and in this day and age, we are all about demoing like yourself, however, there is no reason to draw attention to “how different you are” in the interest of being remembered against your competition. The point of the demo and your presentation is to get people on the same page and be remembered for being liked and solving their problems. Use language that everyone understands, no buzzwords. Wear clothing that your audience is wearing or the equivalent. There is no reason to draw extra attention to yourself with wearing something unusual such as a big red hat, unless you are proving a point or storytelling, leaving this for another post! 

We hope you found this useful, and if you didn’t please drop us a line. Feedback is so important to us. 

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