Top 3 Reasons Demos Win Deals in 2021

Top 3 Reasons Demos Win Deals in 2021 are what we are seeing and hearing in the first quarter of our year in audits, webinars, on clubhouse, and from colleagues. We obviously think the middle funnel and the demo and presentation of live software is the make or break moment of a SaaS sale, but now that we have been a year into remote selling and with there being such a larger conversation around empathy and safety in sales, we wanted to share why we still stand behind the demo in 2021. 

  1. Build Relationships and Trust Through Remote Demoing. People buy from people that they like. People buy from people who their people like. People buy from people who have authority and command over a solution they need. In an interaction that lasts an hour, according to the theory of forgetting, you have five minutes that a client will remember. They will remember how you made them feel and whether you had authority. Your demo gives you the opportunity to win an audience and show authority. This is reason 1 why demos win deals. 
  2. The Best Discovery happens During Demos. If you are demoing properly, you are also performing discovery. This is the opportunity to see how your clients need to use a product, how they interact with each other, what their normative language really is, and it opens up the floor to reasons why their process is the way it is. One way or another this is going to be the moment where you know if your solution is a fit or not. It should not take more than 1 demo. 
  3. The Ultimate Close. If you are discovering the process during the demo and you are also strengthening your authority and building a relationship during the demo, you should be able to close. This should be the moment where they see if this product is going to be a solution. There are some keys to this being the mic drop moment in a deal. First, you should make sure that you have done proper discovery and qualification prior. Make sure infosec will check out, talk to their legal to make sure that the solution is even feasible, and also run discovery with as many people who can talk to you. The finale should be your demo. 

Demos Win Deals 2021 and Beyond 

We have learned a lot in the past year and one of the things we are seeing most in SaaS circles and sales is the movement towards empathy and safety in teams and in sales approaches. This is something we have been feeling and developing products for along our journey as well from DEI Demos to our new sales training tools based on psychology. If you are looking to learn more about how Demos Win Deals for your team, let’s chat. 

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