How to Increase Sales Team EQ

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How to Increase Sales Team EQ? Upping a Sales Team EQ is much easier than you think and can be as easy as a matter of hours reframing how you work together. We wrote earlier this month on repairing the fractured team, and we have reframed much of our messaging in 2020 and 2021 around compassionate selling and building emotional intelligence because we feel everyone is going through a lot, and needs a break.

 Emotional Intelligence, empathy, compassion, are all pretty buzzy in sales and tech right now, and for the past couple years depending on your location and your specific industry segment. We have seen demand for more programming and sales training around EQ (emotional quotient) vs IQ, and it is also part of our development as a company to explore new ways to make our clients presentations, demos, and sales processes better and more resilient. Some of the ways to increase your emotional intelligence is through exercises and traditional training, which we have lots of content on here, but for this piece, we would like to provide an overview of upping a sales team EQ. 

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3 Conditions to Group Effectiveness from Harvard Business Review 

These conditions are the basics that must be fostered in daily tasks and by the broader organization and culture for teams to participate whole heartedly and authentically. Teams themselves need to create emotionally intelligent norms and practices for these conditions to be met. Also, trust, identity, and efficacy are not just groundwork that is laid, it is active work and practice. 

  1. Trust: Teams must trust that there is support for all manners of feedback in an organization. 
  2. Identity: Individuals and groups must consistently develop an identity within an organization which includes responsibility, interactions, and regulation of activities. 
  3. Sense of Efficacy: Individuals and groups must feel that they have agency and that the problems they face and ultimately solve, will be received by other groups and levels of management. 

Emotional Interactions and Regulation 

The emotionally intelligent group starts at the individual level, but a group of emotionally intelligent people does not equal an emotionally intelligent team. It is more complicated to build an emotionally intelligent team to build your own personal EQ. Groups must be aware of individual emotions, the group emotion, and groups it interacts with. How to put this into practice? 

Individual Level: In order to increase awareness of the individual at the group level, you need to foster awareness of individual behaviors and problem behaviors and encourage and environment of sharing individual thoughts and opinions. For regulating an individual in a group confrontation must be handled directly and thoughts and opinions must be acknowledged in a non confrontational manner. 

Group Level: To increase awareness at the group level, a leader, coach, or mentor should be regularly taking inventory of group interactions and obtaining feedback from clients, and other groups. For regulation, there should be dynamic processes in place that encourage this feedback and allow for independent problem solving. 

Cooperating Group Level: Group level awareness should be fostered in your entire organization. Whether you designate this to a rotating team liason or assign a permanent member of the team, how your group contextualizes its’ influence is critical in continuing to operate in an EI framework. Be proactive in creating a dialogue between departments and groups and regularly meet to discuss discrepancies and responsibilities. 

How to Increase Sales Team EQ

The groundwork for an emotional intelligent team must be laid by the management. Processes and context are the environment in which a team’s EQ is raised. So much of the information on emotional intelligence and its’ operation focus on individual agency, but the efficacy and real benefits are realized in the group setting. What we learn from the conditions, interactions, and regulation is that a third party is an absolute requisite for upping the EQ of an organization. We can help! Demo Solutions offers monthly packages that offer both a sounding board and solution center for increasing the emotional intelligence of teams. Let’s chat.

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