2021 Guide to Goal Setting for Presentations

2021 Guide to Goal Setting for Presentations is founded on the principles of positive psychology and is grounded in gentle, constant changes, that lead to big results in your sales velocity, deal size, and client relationships. 

First off, Happy New Year! 2020 definitely taught us a lot in terms of prioritizing our business and we are happy to share 2021 Guide to Goal Setting for Presentations in terms of the “new normal”, or delivering presentations and demos, remotely, or to smaller audiences. Our suggested goals run the gamut from simple taming of the tech you use to room preparation, and our most recent content of connecting with a remote audience. 

When you are applying your own resolutions to these goals or suggestions, try to avoid goals that are avoidant. An example would be a goal that is to meet a sales goal, in order to keep your job. If you would like to explore more inside the motivation of goals, Demo Solutions is releasing content for contributors and leaders in this quarter, stay tuned! 

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Tech Goal Setting 

Much of presentation success comes down to preparation. There are two places where technology can ruin a presentation. First, in your preparation and your deck materials, if you are working with teams that have incorrect versions, or an unorganized sharing space, test out new software for finding files. We are partnered with Digitile and they are a simple plugin that allows you to search files from all devices easily. Second, fortify your demo or presentation environment with the latest tools. DemoFlow is an environment that lets you move across environments smoothly, regardless of your connection. 

Bottom Line on Tech Goal Setting: Your tech should be making your preparation and delivery easier. If something is not working, get rid of it. Goal setting is not always lots of work to build things up, you can remove things that are not working for you! 

The Remote Remodel 

At Demo Solutions we have doubled down on our remote communication set ups. We find ourselves admist standing desks, new cameras, sound proof foams, mics, and countless to be returned gadgets. While at times we have verged on clutter, we also have mastered the at home demo and presentation set up. Our key take aways  on sound are availabe here, below are our very abbreviated goals to strive towards in your remote presentations and demos. 

  1. Clutter Free- Our Goal Setting really is about less is more and finding the right balance of being confident, delivering value, and communicating more authentically with your audience. Connecting with clutter is hard because there are SO MANY DISTRACTIONS. With remote environments aim to minimize clutter as much as possible. 
  2. Personalized-Light- Personalize your environment, with a light touch. If you play a sport, a trophy is a nice touch, as well as proof such as diplomas, and images that are not distracting. A real environment is always better than a background on Zoom. Take some time and really consider what you would like to communicate with your background and what you are comfortable sharing with the clues in your background. If it is in the background, chances are, it will be discussed. 
  3. Put a Ring on It- We recommend using a ring light. There is a reason all the influencers do it. It simply is a more flattering light and is predictable most time of the day. This is mostly so you feel confident. It also projects more positivity on the other end. 
  4. Plus 1 Dress Code- Demo Solutions founder Ed Jaffe, uses this rule, in in-person demos and presentations, but it is also easily applied to remote demoing. During your discovery call, if you can, try to get a Zoom meeting that is on camera. Observe the dress of the other person and increase the dressiness by one. If they are wearing a button down shirt, for your demo or presentation, wear a sport coat. 

As you can see, these “goals” are more like suggestions for the next presentations in the next year. We are releasing a series on motivation, goal setting, and how to use short term goals for long term results, and we will link this back here. When you are setting goals for yourself in presentations and demos, especially remotely, the most important element is being compassionate and aware of why you are setting goals. This brings us to the big goal setting, Emotionally Intelligent and Present Presentations. 

Emotionally Intelligent and Present Presentation

Emotional Intelligence is the recognition of your emotions, your audience’s emotions, and the appropriate regulation of responses. This sounds very simple. It is not. It requires completely being present in your presentation, which comes from practice, and the awareness of the factors that are operative within yourself and your audience, during your presentation. 

This year, we have had to deliver presentations during moments where we truly could not project the emotions we were zooming into. People lost loved ones, racial injustice, the pandemic et al, were in the backdrop of presentations and it required heightened sensitivity. Demo Solutions released products for this, Inclusive Demos, and we especially feel that a change in many sales approaches is inevitable. Additionally, if your goal is to be able to intuit your audience and get on their level, the emotional intelligence and present presentation content we will have on our LMS, is especially valuable. But how do I goal set for EI and Being Present? 

Let’s Chat, We have a number of courses, content, and coaching that can help you with all goals in 2021. 

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