Delivering Behind the Beat: The Perfect Demo Delivery

Delivering Behind the Beat: The Perfect Demo Delivery 
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Delivering Behind the Beat: The Perfect Demo Delivery is our manifesto on delayed gratification and crafting a demo as you would a song. Deliver your demo, so the words that come out of your mouth reinforce what the audience has already picked up from the rest of the demo. Everyone, everywhere, is talking about delivering a narrative, storytelling, and any derivative. Stories are great, when they are universal and ultimately connect to your audience. The problem is so many people get hung up on telling their stories, they don’t bother to think about whether it is going to connect to the audience. The Perfect Demo Delivery engages the audience in your story, places them in the action building process, climax of delivering features, and closing your deal. 


Your demo opener should immediately bring your audience in, and get them all on the same level. No rhetorical questions, no long stories, no trying to single out audience members on the spot and ask questions, to make friends with the group. That stuff doesn’t work. You might feel like you look like Bob Hope, but in reality, it comes off as insincere. If you don’t plan on committing a prospect’s spouse or child’s name to memory, do not ask it. Be polite, be personable, but do not get personal in an attempt to connect. 

Your audience is going on a journey with you and it requires them to give their permission. Give an overview of where you are going, glimpse of what they will learn, which they will want to learn because they asked for it in discovery, then wind them through the demo features, climax at the solution to their biggest issues, then close. Using subliminal messaging here helps, so drop small hints, visual cues, and verbal cues, on how your product works. Give clues in your demo set list as to what is to come. 

Build Anticipation 

Building anticipation is going over a bit of discovery in a fun and engaging way. Be sure you have a few things downpat. First, be sure that your demo environment is working properly. All of the logos are correct, all of the features that you will be showing are operating correctly, and that you are showing value not reading slides. The anticipation is building as you are using your product features to solve their problems. Invite some users to try it. Use language from your opener that you all learned together. Also, mix it in with their normative language, you learned during discovery. 


The climax is the moment where the audience figures out how your software solves their problems. Whether it is a combination of features together, or just feature that solves their critical issues, this is the time where you really need to hold it together. Deliver the value behind the beat. This means, that the audience will expect you to say aloud what it is that the demo and software are delivering. Do not do it. Wait for someone or everyone in the audience to have their aha moment. You will notice nods, surprise turn to smiles, and more. This is the moment closest to the end where you have made your point. There is no falling action, this is where you close. 

Close The Demo- Perfect Demo Delivery

One of the biggest mistakes we see is failing to close a demo. You have to actually ask for the contract, the next step, the meeting with the money, you have to close. After you have the entire audience experiencing an aha moment, this is your time. There is nothing phony, salesy, or inauthentic about closing at the end of a well-delivered demo. This is normal. Your audience should have no more questions, other than details of onboarding the software. Don’t be afraid to ask for the deal. You have earned it and when you have dropped subtle hints, led them on a journey solving their problems, they are ready. 

Let’s close this demo with a deal! 

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