Team Branding SaaS Org Exercise

Team Branding SaaS Org Exercise facilitates the construction of a team identity. Constructing a Team Brand amongst teams is crucial to success and cooperation in a Revenue Org. What is a team brand? How can I find common ground to build a team brand if my team is very diverse? Members of your team will always be diverse and chances are, their diversity and perspective make them that much more valuable. Building a brand is all about bringing disparate and complementary elements of a group together and finding common ground to create a group identity that is greater than the individual identity.

What is Team Branding 

According to Social Identity Theory, the perception of homogeneity is a key factor in performance. Team performance hinges on the willingness to work with others, trust, and cooperation. Groups that trust each other more have in common with one another. When you have a superficially diverse group, superficial meaning race, gender, sexuality, and, as a manager, sense there is no cohesion, this exercise helps unite teams based on the common ground of values and goals. 

How to Use Team Branding? 

Team Branding is useful in resolving conflict, bringing disparate views back in focus of a common goal, and for creating content. When all creative are on the same page the likelihood their work reflects the brand of the team is high. If you are creating demo content, it is critical that you have consistent messaging in your content across all teams. Team branding helps codify messaging and content. Let’s dive in. 

Quick FAQs on Team Branding SaaS Org Exercise

Who can benefit from this exercise? This is for groups that already work together and know each other fairly well. 

How long does it take? 40-60 minutes 

Facilitators should have a variety of craft materials available for logo creation 

Constructing the Team Identity Exercise 

Step1: Break out in to groups of 4-7 

Step 2: Group members brainstorm about who they are in their team, (individual identities), and who they are as a team, using the below questions (from Positive Psychology) 

  • Who are you as individuals? Discuss the strengths of the individuals team members. See the “30 Strengths-Spotting Questions” tool for possible questions.
  • How would you describe your team?
  • What do you do well as a team?
  • What is the most important mission of your team?
  • What are the top three strengths of your team?

Step 3  Unify the Org and assign 1 person as a secretary to take notes on the findings and discuss the different answers. 

Step 4 Go over all of the responses and assign each team with the following. 

  • A team name
  • A team logo
  • A team mascot
  • A team slogan
  • A team cheer
  • A team mission statement

Step 5 Each team present their Team Identity 

Step 6 Debrief the exercises using the following prompts 

  • How will your team benefit from having a team identity?
  • How can your team, as a whole and as individuals, incorporate your identity into your daily work?
  • What has your team learned by going through this process?

Final Steps to Team Branding SaaS Org Exercise 

The last part of this exercise is the most important, take photos, and keep these identities alive. Keep mascots or jokes made during the exercise around the team offices, have visual reminders, and refer back to the identity and culture created frequently. When you work together for a common purpose in this way, your performance increases. Each team working towards the common goals of better performance and metrics in their respective niche is the result of this exercise. Would you like to learn more about SaaS Org Coaching? We are happy to spend some time talking about your goals. Let’s Chat!

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