Save Time on Custom SaaS Demo Decks

Save Time on Custom SaaS Demo Decks with some of these tips from Demo Solutions. Goes gathering information for a client demo feels a bit like herding cats? From the marketing collateral to the customization to the pertinent discovery details that need to be included, the demo deck oftentimes looks like a patchwork quilt, and the presenter looks disorganized. We are here to help. You don’t need to completely reinvent the deck each time you present, but you DO need to follow some simple rules for achieving the custom saas demo deck fell that delivers a personalized demo, every time. 

Tip 1 Save Time with a Leave Behind Deck 

There are many reasons why we recommend having two decks for your demo. The Demo Deck is what you present. It is an aid to the presentation. Great demo decks should not be legible without the presenter. Presenters use visuals as aids in connecting with the audience and showing features in the audience environment and in the software environment. Slides are reference points, but the presenter is leading the presentation with his speaking. This is why you need a leave behind deck that gives more detailed information to read or to disseminate to those who could not attend the presentation. 

Features of the Leave Behind Deck: Your leave behind deck offers social and industry proof of the value of the company, of your value to represent the company, all of the features of using your product, and how you compare with competitors. Many people think that these are features of the demo, but they really should not be. Your job is to connect with your audience and present features you know your audience needs from discovery. 

When it comes to whose responsibility it is to create a leave behind deck and the demo deck, we recommend dividing responsibility so the marketing handles the messaging when the sales is gone, so the leave behind deck, and the presales prepare the demo deck. Presales is delivering the demo and conducting discovery, so they will be customizing the demo decks and presentations based on what features will figure prominently in the presentation. 

Tip 2 Save Time with Deck Feature Sets 

When you are building your demo deck, one way to save time, is to get together with marketing and build a master demo deck that separates sets that speak to different features of your SaaS software. Does your demo discovery follow a pattern? Is there principle information you collect that should be featured in the demo regarding certain features? This is how you can set up Deck Feature Sets. 

Deck Feature Sets can be 10-12 slides per feature that show the value of the product. Following discovery, you put together the number of features that the demo will show, and start to practice the delivery. Since the original sets were developed with the marketing input, the messaging should be the same, and your leave behind deck will include information for additional features, etc, but they will not stuff the demo that speaks directly to the client. 

How to Save Time on Custom SaaS Demo Decks? 

Every client wants to feel like they are being demoed to exclusively. Customizing decks for each demo is not cost effective. Meeting in the middle by developing a Leave Behind Deck with the messaging developed by the marketing team, and delivering a SaaS Demo Deck with custom selected feature sets developed by presales is the answer. We coach on how to deliver your demo deck most effectively, we also can remix your demo decks. Contact us for more tips and content! 

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