How to Deliver a Great Demo

How to Deliver a Great Demo? There are a lot of ways and a whole blog devoted to how to deliver a great demo. We go into so many theories and frameworks to help our audiences understand the demo, but every so often, we like to freshen our content and bring it back to basics. Below we have the three differentiators that make the extra difference in your SaaS demos. 

Connect with Your Audience 

Your top job is to connect with your audience. Know who is going to be in the room, make them like you. Sounds easy enough, but you would be amazed how hard this can be. Many people’s attempts at this are painfully forced, or they unintentionally exclude a member of the audience trying to connect with another. Here are a few examples of ways to connect universally. 


We are linking to our best demo openers here, but the key to the demo opener, this also varies if you are delivering remotely, is to loosen your audience up and get them ready for what you are going to show them and how you want to interact with them. At this point, you introduce them to your demo identity, and engage with them authentically. 


Are you bringing in jokes to connect with your audience? GREAT, just don’t open with them. Your audience needs to understand that they will be laughing and it is ok to laugh. When they are prepped, after the opener, then have your jokes prepared. Be sure you have practiced them. In the mirror, before a live audience if possible. Nothing is more painful than a joke not landing. 

Open ended questions and Active Listening 

Prior to your demo, during your demo, and following your demo, get into the habit of asking open ended questions and engage in active listening. We have a saying, “always be discovering” and this is essentially what that is. It is also a way of showing your audience that you are paying attention to what they are saying and addressing their needs in real time, rather than a rehearsed talk track. 

Deliver Value 

Don’t ever demo without proper discovery to deliver value. Your demo needs to be one part planned around your discovery, one part space for audience connection, and one part real time discovery and delivery. How to deliver value? 

Stop Narrating Your Demo 

Ever caught yourself saying things like, now we are going to “xyz”? You are speaking over what you are doing and it is distracting. Show the audience without talking about it. Your audience can only focus on one thing at a time. 

Show Value without Fillers 

If you have conducted discovery correctly, you will only be demoing the solution your client has requested, no more, no less. The rest will be connecting to the audience and seeing if there is anything else they may be interested in, or addressing objections to the solutions you gave. Remember, the idea is to close the deal at the end of the demo. If you are busy trying to show more bells and whistles they don’t need, you don’t have time to answer objections and ask for a close. 

Close your Deal, Because you Delivered a Great Demo 

The difference between a great demo and an ok demo that advances your deal, is a great demo wins deals. After you are delivering the body of the demo, where you show the value of your product or solution, now you close. The idea is to be vulnerable with your audience and get to their objections. 

Objection Finding 

Asking for objections is showing your vulnerability. It is much more comfortable than asking point blank if the deal is closed because you are able to address objections. Use open ended questions and address members of the audience in the room for their cooperation. 

Get everyone on Board 

There is a difference between excluding audience members and choosing audience members in groups to weigh in on your presentation. In the end of your demo, if you have various functions in an org watching, ask members in each org about how they feel about the product. Start a discussion and try to get people on board. Then close. 

How to Deliver a Great Demo 

We offered a crash course on How to Deliver a Great Demo, but we have loads more resources on how you can increase your close rate at demo time. Demo Solutions offers coursework, coaching, and 2Win! Training through founder Ed Jaffe. Let’s talk! 

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