The Perfect SaaS Demo, or so you Planned

The Perfect SaaS Demo, or so you Planned, is a cautionary tale and also a guide to using a Planner Demo Identity to correctly position your presentation in front of a live audience. 

Last week, founder Ed Jaffe, explained ways that comedy can fall flat or even fail you in a demo. This week, we are going to highlight some ways that even the most perfectly planned demo can go off the rails. 

Planning for your Audience 

The easiest way to plan for your audience is to pour yourself a large hot beverage with or without caffeine and dive into LinkedIn to see who will be in the room. Assuming your teams have timed the demo correctly, and they know who is in the room. Oops, here is the first thing that you cannot plan for. 


Planned Discovery 

You have control over your discovery. You can plan your questions. You can meticulously record information from the questions you have lined up. You can use this information in how you will be presenting to your audience. What is wrong with all this? 

When you retain too much control in your discovery, because you have planned meticulously, and have a tight agenda, you might find yourself missing critical information that your client would be happy to share. 

UnPlanned Discovery 

We are not suggesting that you discover cold, there are guidelines for discovery and for the most part, the discovery you are performing is probably great. But, you will want to leave space in the room for vulnerability and open ended questions that reveal more than your standard questions. 

Planned unplanned Perfect SaaS Discovery 

Plan the unplanned Perfect SaaS Discovery with demo set lists. Plan out the questions you need answers and open your discovery with the questions that might lead to other information that is going to be useful. This also creates a better impression and increases the likelihood that your client starts to like you. Who likes answering a bunch of questions cold? Warm up your audience in your discovery and prepare for planned questions once your audience trusts you. 

The Perfect SaaS Demo Deck 

Perfectly Planned Deck (disasters) 

You have the perfect deck, have the answers to all the perfectly planned questions, in this perfect deck. You are feeling really prepared to practice. Did you consider DEI? So many decks are strictly designed with marketing language and standard slides pulled from all over the place, most of the better ones still do not take into account DEI. 

If you deliver a deck that is customized for your client after discovery, but is not sensitive to the people in your audience or is not audited for DEI, you could be in for a disaster. Here is a secret. Your audience, even the members who you conducted discovery with, want to connect with the presenter and connect with the product, they do not want to hear all about your products. How do I do that with a deck? 

Perfectly Planned Dynamic Deck 

There are a few ways to customize a deck for The Perfectly Planned SaaS Demo. First, run an audit on your content. Does all the content look good together or are you grabbing slides from 2012? Second, run an audit for DEI. Are you using stereotypes, are your images placed correctly, are you using offensive gestures or acronyms? Thirdly, audit your deck for jokes.  Are your jokes landing, is the audience ready to be told jokes, are your jokes even funny (be honest.)  

Now that you have some time to weed out the weak elements of your deck, start fresh with a good deck, few words, appropriate imagery, and space to continue discovery with your audience and connect with them. We promise that if you have a slide without too much information on it, you have a better chance than a competitor who is throwing the whole of their product on a slide to look impressive. 


The Perfect SaaS Demo or so you Planned 

YOU ARE ON FIRE!! You have practiced for hours in front of the mirror, that audience went wild for your Homer Simpson references, you hit all of your talking points, and you did it in under 30 minutes. What is wrong with this? You have zero room for interacting with your audience. 

The Perfect SaaS Demo is all about interacting with your audience, meeting them at their level, getting their attention, adding value to their experience with your products, and closing the deal. Even if you have run discovery and created a customized deck, if you deliver something super scripted, you are going to bore the audience to the death of your deal. 

The Perfectly Planned SaaS Script Set List 

Much like your discovery, and your deck, the planning needs to take place with the awareness that you will be creating space for the audience to connect with you in places. You will need to deliver value and make some key points about your product. But you are there to get them to like you and see you as valuable and your product as useful. 

Make a setlist for your SaaS Demo, and practice in front of your team. Practice it in front of anyone. Ask them if they felt like you gave them space to connect with you. Find points where you can connect with an audience, you can certainly plan that out. Lastly, consult our Demo Fails, Demo Openers, and of course, Demo Set Lists

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