What Works Best? Workshops, Retreats, or Training

What works best? Workshops, Retreats, or Training? 

Kickoff is coming, Does your revenue team need a retreat or workshops? We field a lot of questions about the difference between expert training, facilitated retreats, and workshops. Demo Solutions developed workshops to bridge the gap between training and retreats. Each of these solutions is great depending on your budget and your needs as a team. 

In this piece, we outline the factors to consider when choosing training, retreats, or workshops for your 2021 Revenue Budget. Also, we make recommendations for scaling, if you find that one option was not enough to make an impact or change behaviors and numbers for your team. 

Why do you need a third party? 

If you are in sales enablement, you might consider licensing content to assign to your sales teams to implement. This works for many teams when you have the staff to hold your teams accountable and mark the progress of the training. 2Win! Global has a lot of content that is ideal for these situations, but you are better off hiring a third party. 

Why a third party? As mentioned above, it is easier and more effective for a third party to organize training, hold accountable team members, and assess progress. This can be done in different formats. Individual training are available also from 2Win! Global, click here, and they can be delivered in a team format. If you are looking for a deeper dive into team dynamics, in addition to individual demo delivery, you might want to go to the retreat or workshop routes. 

Continuity vs Immersion 

If you decide that your demos and presentation problems are deeper than individual performance, you should consider retreats or workshops. Retreats are immersive experiences that create a safe learning space for expert facilitators to teach any number of subjects. If you have consistent issues around miscommunications between teams and would like to try bonding sessions and team building, retreats are a great option. 

The downside of retreats is they are expensive and the experiences and learning are not easily applied outside of the “safe space.” Immersive experiences require upkeep and commitment beyond the retreat for the change to be effective. How can you affect change without immersive experience but in a safe space? Workshops offer individual training, group training, and interactive simulations and are delivered so your teams maintain continuity between sessions. 

Curriculum over Singular Experience 

We find that the singular or annual experiences of company retreats are invaluable for entire organizations and we offer facilitators on demoing to retreats. However, if you are looking for regular maintenance following a retreat, workshops are the perfect vehicle for lasting change. 

Workshops are half-day to full days periodically, we recommend 1-2 a quarter, and they assess individual performance, team performance, and set forth a curriculum for the coming months. How do they work? Using interactive techniques and guest speakers, the content is fresh and the applications happen immediately following the presentations. 

If you decide you are in the market for a regular curriculum over singular experiences, we have a workshop for your team. 

SO, What Works Best? Workshops, Retreats, or Training?

Demo Solutions has facilitators to deliver our content at retreats, 2Win! Training, 2Win! Content, and we offer workshops as part of our coaching packages, or stand-alone. All of our content and delivery are updated monthly and we use techniques from almost every discourse that studies human behavior. Whether we bring in actual magicians who teach subliminal programming and interactive communication to mirroring techniques taught by actors…. It is anything but dull and it always leaves audiences with fresh perspectives. 

If you are looking to add something extra to SKO, consider Demo Solutions. We offer remote demo workshops, demo training from 2Win! Global and retreat facilitation! Let’s chat!

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