Sales Linguistics Series: Sales Linguistics and Demos

Mastering your Demo Using Sales Linguistics: 101 

Demo Solutions would like to join the conversation and apply some of the popular frameworks around Sales Linguistics. They can apply to Startups, C-suite presentations, and any sales presentation. The implementation of linguistics in your regular conversations can increase comprehension and acceptance with your audience. Below are the basic questions of linguistics and implementation. 

What is sales linguistics? 

Sales linguistics as a term was conceived by Steve Martin in his Heavy Hitter Sales Series, but as a concept linguistics quite simply refer to how people communicate verbally. Linguistics studies include phonetics, grammar, and all facets of language. 

How exactly does linguistics work? 

You make a decision 7 seconds before you actively realise it and using linguistic principles of connection you can access somatic markers that make it easier to choose your product or service over a competitors, according to your delivery. Using positive words, words that project confidence, are always preferable to negative words. Exp: instead of saying, Yes, I can complete a task Friday, say Absolutely!.  

How do linguistics apply in a sales setting?

 When you are selling something to someone else, you are communicating a need to another person or group of people. The theory of applying linguistics to sales is that you need to communicate in the same language as the person you are selling to. In other words, if you use the language and tone of your client, you are more likely to be well received and understood. 

Best ways to apply Sales Linguistics in Demos 

So in your Demo, you are trying to get on the level of the org. Chances are you have done your discovery and know who will be in the room with you while you present. Use every opportunity you can to use their language, replicate their tone, assimilate into their culture, (we have a piece on this here), and AVOID THESE FOUR PHRASES- honestly, to tell you the truth, truthfully, and to be honest. You discredit yourself and the presentation. 
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Another great article can be found here at Harvard Business Review.

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