The Master Metrics: How to organize your sales and marketing teams

Master Metrics: How to organize your sales and marketing teams

We hosted a webinar round table with sales, marketing, presales, and tech to figure out what was the master metric and how to organize your sales and marketing teams to perform best. What we found was that there is not a consensus of what matters most, in fact, there is considerable debate on how to measure what matters when compensation and metrics vary so drastically. The underlying metric for all is revenues, but the way to approach revenues ultimately comes down to motivation OR organization. Here are our top 3 ways to measure and organize your sales and marketing teams to generate more revenue, per deal, and get the green light at demo time.


Motivation: Before you can organize your teams, you need to remember to motivate each team. If everyone is measured by revenue, but different ways of analyzing revenue, then teams are going to be motivated differently. Where you have different motivators, you need to organize bridges for communication gaps. Sales is not going to care about messaging the way marketing is going to care about messaging, unless sales is motivated by the message that is going to award them more deals.

 Did you see what I did there? There was an exception and a small communication that needed to take place between sales and marketing, but who is motivated to make communication between sales and marketing take place? This is an executive management function and when a VP of Sales starts employing practices that increase communication and motivate both sales and marketing to work together, you are going to see your sales start closing and moving quickly down the funnel. Your master metric as an executive? Aggregate revenue of combined sales and marketing measured quarterly. 


Preparation: Whether you are in the role of presales, sales, marketing, management, or executive, you need to make sure you are prepared to meet the demands of your potential client and have properly prepared for any objection they will have to obtain your service/product/etc. How do you organize all of those roles for one client, when each performs such different but related skills and are compensated and measured in different ways? 

Each client is different. Your sales and presales can draw comparisons to other clients and many of these clients are chosen and targeted by marketing because of their similarity, but each deal is different and you need to operationalize this in your processes. Marketing AND sales are responsible for customizing all materials for prospects. When you treat clients individually and you align all of your teams on the goals of winning one client, you will win that client. Align your teams on every client, every presentation, and see how this attention affects your bottom line. 


Organizing performance based on a master metric is achievable with a roadmap. As we discussed in preparation, each team needs to act as if each client is completely different but perform their jobs based on an executive approved roadmap. Roadmaps or operations, or however you want to call this, are checklists and diligence applied to certain positions. You can go above and beyond these checks, but at the very least for each client, they need to perform based on certain criteria. The master metric for performance is the adherence to roadmaps, in both sales, and marketing. 

How to organize sales and marketing teams, finally

Understanding motivation, getting clear on preparation as a method rather than a starting point and operationalizing performance work wonders for organizing your sales and marketing teams. The bottom line will always be the Master Metric, but when you operationalize your workflow, you can measure success both by the revenue and also by the degree to which you adhered to your plans. How to organize your sales and marketing teams comes down to issuing the right programs and measuring performance within the existing motivation structure.

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