Empathy Maps for SaaS Presentations

Analyze your Audience with Empathy Maps for SaaS Presentations 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read minds during your SaaS Presentations? We are going to teach you how to use Empathy Maps for SaaS Presentations. It is going to be like in the movie What Women Want with Mel Gibson where one minute he is completely unaware of how he is perceived, and then after a night of trying on lipstick with a glass of scotch, he electrocutes himself and can hear what people are thinking. His character development and plot of the movie is a lesson in developing empathy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know exactly what your demo audience wanted to hear and deliver the information they need to close your deal? Take a tip from Mel, and start developing your inner empath. It takes practice but Demo Solutions has committed to you the tools to help. Here we learn to analyze your audience with empathy maps for SaaS presentations. Let’s begin! 

What are Empathy Maps for SaaS Presentations? 

Empathy Mapping is an exercise whereby teams develop personas through exploring what an individual or an aggregate Says, Does, Thinks, and Feels. To win your audience, you need to understand the dynamics of the group and the group in relation to industry, through empathy. Utilizing empathy mapping is one of many tools in sales and marketing for establishing buyer personas and a core principle of UX. We love this exercise for connecting to an audience, and also connecting with your sales and marketing teams. . 

Who are we mapping and why? 

Your demo or presentation audience will consist of a number of key players that in the right combination, that sign off on your deal. We wrote a piece on this, How to Demo to Everyone, which offers more about how to win over a room, but to analyze the audience and empathy map, you use these segments to separate your audience into an aggregate and individuals. Mapping the aggregate audience creates the context for the mapping of individuals in the room. 

Empathy Mapping Exercise with your Team

  1. Scope and Purpose- to map our the personas of the audience as an aggregate and individually. For example, when you are demoing to a client you map what the industry says, thinks, feels, and does versus when you map a job title, you narrow your research and map separately for a job title and posture in the company. 
  2. Materials- sticky notes, white board, sales team, product marketing team
  3. Research- synthesize all of the discovery notes on your targets. Synthesize all the discovery for your product via product marketing team. Bring all of your decks and scripts together.
  1. Synthesis- run your empathy mapping sessions on aggregates and individuals. Get your post its out and ask questions to develop maps of how they feel, what they do, what they think, and what they say. Use the completed maps as a guide to decisions, both creative, for your demo decks and scripts, and throughout the cycle of the deal, bringing together the marketing and sales teams and allowing the deal to close without a common sales and marketing clash. 

Making Empathy Maps Part of your Culture and Process

Empathy mapping does not have to be a one-off sales exercise to make marketing feel heard or vice versa. Empathy Mapping can easily make its’ way into your corporate or sales culture as a way of resolving a conflict between sales and marketing and restrategizing your sales goals. Not sure where to start with implementing Empathy Mapping into your routines? 

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