How to Demo to Everyone

How to Demo to Everyone, Even the Demo Contrarian 

Every audience has a contrarian or a faction that is going into your presentation looking to say NO to your deal. We would like to show you how to demo to anyone and especially to the contrarian in the audience, and make them part of the audience that will win you your deal. 

When are you Demoing? 

While each deal is different, your demo should be taking place when you are ready to close, after solid discovery, and with background research complete on what software solutions the client is looking for. If you are unsure if you are demoing at the wrong time, we can help with that here. Usually the demo audience that can win a deal is comprised of some people who want your deal to work, management, operations, and executives, and those who are looking to say no; lawyers, accountants, and operations. 

Who is on your Side? 

Your demo audience may include but is not limited to, executives, lawyers, accountants, operations, managers, and sales. Managers and executives are the faction that most sales reps are trying to sell. Managers and executives are looking at higher level problems that your software solves. They want you to succeed. 

Who is not on your Side? 

Lawyers and accountants are notorious for saying NO to deals. The lawyer will likely be looking at security of your software, potential infringement, your deals with competitors, and so on. Accountants are weighing the benefit of your software and where the budget will be coming from. Operations, managers, and those in product are your swing vote. 

You notice that I have individuals in operations listed twice, as a faction that wants the deal and also that doesn’t want the deal to close. Why? If you only demo to the upper level and the “yes” people, your deal can be blocked by those who will be using the feature or solution, that could have potentially help close the deal with their support. You know you are going to get pushback from lawyers and accountants, but if you alienate operations you can close the door on the deal. 

Who is the Demo Contrarian 

The Demo Contrarian in the audience may not be easy to read… at first. We offer a communication guide that gives you exercises to reading an audience here, but besides reading your audience and not committing demo fails, you need to find the contrarian and make them feel heard. Contrarians can be the accountants and lawyers, but also those in operations. Contrarians will offer every reason in the world not to buy. In order to appeal to all audiences, you need to demo inclusively. 

How to Demo to Everyone  

To Demo Inclusively, first, start at discovery. Find out who you are demoing to in advance. Research your audience and by title and how they operate in the organization, try to discern if they would be on your winning team. After research, edit your pitch deck and your demo script for objectionable statements or slides that would displace work or would present problems when implementing your SaaS solution. Lastly, practice with people who will provide objective feedback. Simplicity is key. If your audience of 10-year-olds cannot understand why your solution is a fit, revise it. Make it impossible to disagree with at any level of application from the C-suite to operations. Want to learn more about winning over audiences to win your deals? 

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