Most Effective Sales Rep Series Part 3: Technology

Most Effective Sales Rep Series Part 3: Technology

Technology won’t Fix a Broken Process. Surprise this post is not about telling you what software is going to work and what won’t for your sales team because technology has yet to fix a broken sales process. We are here to recommend some suggestions of integrating the technology you are already using with your sales process to become more efficient. As a bonus we are offering you some serious time savers from our partners.

Turn up the RPM on your CRM: Automate your Outreach and Workflows

CRM, Office 365, Google Docs

Sure, you are using a CRM, inputting values assigned arbitrarily, but are you maximizing your CRM? We offer advice throughout our blogs on maximizing your CRM by leaning into the customization fields that work for you and can analyze data that really matters. No more than one free field is our big tip.

Sync Your Google Docs

Google offers new products and services free, regularly. Take advantage of the integrations, not only between calendars, but also between devices. So often we use the same functions in different places but if you are on the go and looking for files to share and time is of the essence, download your Google Docs to your phone. All of your files, all the time, across all devices is easy to achieve by simply synching your Google docs.

Office 365

Office 365 includes a Customer Manager and it is customizable to your sales process. You can create workflows here to be sure emails go out on time. Usually Office 365 is integrated into your existing CRM, but if you are looking for a CRM solution that is not thousands of additional dollars per month, this is a solution that you can design yourself.

Time Saving and People Pleasing Hacks

Outside of sales process applications of technology, we have some time saving and people pleasing hacks that make your demo customization faster and your discovery

Digitile: Ever feel like you are searching for documents and the latest versions of marketing materials forever? Digitile saves the day. Digitile works across platforms to find the files you are looking for instantaneously from your search bar. When you are customizing a deck, this is a huge time saver.

DemoFlow- DemoFlow is an enablement platform that works across platforms and is integrated with your CRM to streamline prep, presentation, and follow up. Additionally, DemoFlow helps you create and reuse assets in multiple contexts. This also allows you to customize decks quickly and maintain the latest marketing materials, so your presentations are packed with the best information to deliver to your client.

A Final Word on Tech: Don’t Buy Until You Have a Sales Strategy

Have you defined an Outreach Strategy? Have you designed workflows or is your team in agreement to workflow timelines and goals? If not, do not spend the money on new technology. Define your goals and the process of how you are each going to act in concert. Then find the technology that can be customized to your processes with data management that meets your needs.

Looking for help streamlining your sales process, designing a CRM, or designing Demos around the DemoFlow capability? Let’s Chat!

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