What is a Demo Script? Crafting a Dynamic Script

What is a Demo Script? Crafting a Dynamic Demo Script to Win More Deals During Presentations

What is a Demo Script? A demo script is the written portion of your demo that offers an outline for what you will be saying to accompany your visuals. Should you follow a script to the letter? No! But this is where writing a demo script can be complicated. Your demo script needs to be dynamic. We coach demoing to help you use your existing presentation skills and personality to use a demo script to your advantage. Below are some guidelines for writing or customizing a demo script and some tips for delivering it. If you are looking for professional demo scripts, we offer this service

Demo Script Structure 

How should I structure my demo script? Depending on where you are in your sales process, your product demo will be offering solutions to your clients problems. Instead of using a convention structure, intro, narrative, blah blah blah, we recommend discovery, context, feature, benefit. Introduce yourself, run down the context of the demo, provide an overview of the features you will be showing, and the broad benefit. 

Flesh out your script with the features you will show, their context for solving the audiences’ problems, and the benefit and use of the product. Your value is making their job easier. For each script, customize the benefit to the user you are presenting to. Are you presenting to sales engineers managers or CEO’s? Tailor your value appropriately, but the structure of context, feature, benefit remains the same. 

Demo Script Timing 

How should you time your demo script? Your demo script should allow enough time to explain a product feature to someone who is learning your software for the first time. Explain the context of the feature, and how to use the feature in the way that the audience would use it, for the first time. Leave enough time for thoughtful questions and be sure that your line of questioning is inclusive and engaging. 

Where can I shave time in a demo? Your introduction does not need to include anything about your company or who you are, they will know what you are there for long before the demo if you are demoing in the correct stage of the sales process. (We consult on sales processes here) Similarly, your closing in your script does not need to refresh your client on who you are and what you just went over. You have just solved problems for your audience and they need your software, you need only close. 

Demo Script Delivery Tips 

Our entire website is devoted to demo tips, so please review our demo tools, but some of our best tips for demo script writing and following are below. 

Dynamic: Be flexible with your demo script. Your script is like the bumpers in a bowling lane, stay within them, but understand that a great demo veers off script and delivery does too. If you can sense that the audience is not understanding something or 

Inclusive: Be aware who your audience is and adjust timing, and benefits for the level of engineer, manager, or executive. Additionally, avoid comments or jokes that appeal to a select segment, whether that is gender, race or age. 

Language: Do not use the language of your competitors. Use the pertinent industry terminology, but using generic words that make up a new genre of solution are not necessary. Run from the phrase “commoditized space.” 

Your Audience drives the demo delivery. It is your job to be as thorough as possible when delivering the value of the feature you are showing, and to understand who your audience is to receive these benefits. 

A Demo Script is the outline of the value that you are delivering to your audience. The structure should follow a guideline of the context of the feature, the feature, as delivered to a first time user, and the benefit, as determined by the audience. Still struggling to write the right words to match your benefits and features? Demo Solutions can help.

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